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Dr. Jyothi  Mancheri

Dr. Jyothi Mancheri

Senior Consultant Fetal Medicine
Malayalam, English
Dr. Jyothi Mancheri is a senior consultant in Fetal Medicine at Aster MIMS. Dr. Jyothi Mancheri specializes in areas such as diagnosis of genetic disorders and congenital anomalies of the babies while they are still in mother’s womb and diagnosis and treatment of high-risk pregnancy. She is an expert in invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Her expertise includes diagnosing counselling and managing complicated pregnancies like, repeated pregnancy loss, premature delivery, pregnancies with severe blood pressure, diabetes, medical disorders, multiple pregnancies, pregnancies with birth defect of babies, severe growth restriction, genetic disorders etc.
  • Gynaecological disorders
  • Complicated pregnancy
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss
05 Dec 2023
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