Search Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals, Labs, Treatments & Surgeries,
Search Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals, Labs, Treatments & Surgeries,

Your all-in-one health, wellness, and fitness companion, committed to prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases.

Lose Fat Sustainably

Achieve sustainable weight lose with a lasting strategy.

Defeat Diabetes

Take charge of your blood sugar levels and reverse diabetes.

PCOD Conquered

Regain hormonal balance and reverse PCOD symptoms.

Beat Fatty Liver

Restore liver health and eliminate excess fat buildup.

Mental Wellness Restored

Boost your mental health and find inner peace.

Naturally Beautiful Skin

Enhance your skin's beauty with natural solutions for a radiant glow.

Featured Practitioners

Our Doctors

We have built a community of medical experts and doctors to ensure the delivery of appropriate treatments to the right patients, for the right diseases, at the right time.

Health & Wellness

There's no one-size-fits-all solution for the health and wellness needs of individuals. Therefore, we personalise and provide programs tailored to each person's unique problems, needs and health goals.

Diagnostic Labs

We partnered with reputable labs to ensure you receive the best diagnosis promptly, and we also bundle your frequent tests to make them cost-effective.

Clinics & Hospitals

We are expanding our network of clinics and hospitals to serve you at a hyperlocal level.

International Patient Service

We offer comprehensive medical tourism services for international patients from around the world, providing quality healthcare, surgeries, and personalised wellness programs in India

Patient Care Services

Our dedicated ANGELS are available round the clock to serve you.
WhatsApp them at +91-6282016735 for compassionate patient care services.


ShopDoc patients can get FREE consultation with experts for surgeries in partnership with MediBuddy Surgery Care

  • Present in 300+ cities, 750+ hospitals
  • Dedicated Care Buddy for your Surgical Procedures
  • End to end Admission & Discharge Support
  • FREE online/physical consultation in network hospitals
  • FREE Concierge services (Cab and Admissions)
  • Financial counselling & No Cost EMI options available
  • Post Surgery Care Services provided

Media Coverage

Although we don't rely on paid advertisements, our work has garnered attention from some of the leading media houses in India and the UAE

The HinduArabian BusinessKhaleej TimesThe Hindu BusinesslineThe Times of IndiaThe New Indian ExpressTimes NowMediaOneMathrabhumi TvAsianet NewsEconomic Times

Ask a Doctor

How frequently are therapy sessions scheduled?
Okay I would suggest that On weekly basis during initial days of therapy. One session each week. Where the client would get enough time to work upon the task provided as well as on their skills..the sessions held each week should be the main session. But if needed one or two follow up sessions can be scheduled in a week as per the need of the client. Otherwise I would suggest one session every week untill the need subsides. Once the client starts to get back on track then sessions can be aligned accordingly. Which can be once in two week and so on....view more
What do I do if the support doesn't help?
Do I need referral to visit psychologist?
How to find out if I am depressed or just sad?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Story
Our Purpose

ShopDoc, founded by social entrepreneur Shihab Makaniyil in 2019, is on a mission to build one of the largest digital health platforms in the country. Our goal is to bring together all types of medical practitioners, doctors, clinics, hospitals, and labs to support people with their physical, mental, and emotional health needs. We are a community driven, socially committed, preventative health focused, virtual-first healthcare institution.

ShopDoc is entirely operated by ANGELS

At ShopDoc, we don't employ anyone. Rather than traditional employment, we empower local women through a unique program, they are known as ANGELS. We provide comprehensive training and grant them a business franchise unit at ShopDoc. This initiative aims to make local women financially independent while enabling them to enhance the health and wellness of their families and local communities.