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Dr. Prasad  Bansod
Ayurvedic Practitioner

Dr. Prasad Bansod

Ayurvedic physician
English, Hindi, Marathi
We provide a unique blend of Ayurveda treatment in your speedy and tensed life that creates a balance of your body health & mind peace to rejuvenate your soul. Having privilege to learn under the greatest parampara of Dr Kolhatkar Sir. In supreme guidance of our Guru respected Rajvaidya Dr Samir Jamadagni the famous Guru of Ayurveda. We are having the experience of treating these disorders since 12 years in highly professional way. According to the modern days using the blend of modern taste to prove Ayurvedic medicinal efficacy.
Ayurvedic Physician
Vishwavid Ayurvedic Hospital
  • Diabetes
  • Diabetic patient services
  • Panchakarma
  • Ayurvedic cardiac care
  • Ayurvedic renal care

12 Apr 2024
Vishwavid Ayurveda
Greater Mumbai, Maharashtra
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