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Dr. Sreejith  Peediackal

Dr. Sreejith Peediackal


Malayalam, English

  • Overview
Dr. Sreejith Peediackal is an accomplished neurologist specializing in all kinds of neurological emergencies including acute stroke evaluation and providing treatment for patients with intravenous thrombolysis. He has also published a work for the Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology on the topic, “Reversible Conduction Failure in Acute Motor Axonal Neuropathy”. Additionally, his expertise in conducting neurological investigations like EEG, Nerve Conduction Studies, EMG, Evoked Potentials is a major asset to the hospital, Aster MIMS, Kannur.
  • Child neurology
  • Vascular neurology
  • Geriatric neurology
  • Neurological disorder
  • Neuro care
27 May 2022
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