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Farheen Ashraf

Farheen Ashraf

Counselling Psychologist
Malayalam, English, Hindi
Working Hours

(Currently not taking any new clients for couple/ individual counselling. All bookings till end of September will only be accepted. Please check that the first session is scheduled before September 1, 2023, as follow ups will only be approved for those clients.) 

Farheen Ashraf is a Counselling Psychologist at ShopDoc. She is a certified Family and Behavioural Therapist. She focuses on helping people discover their strengths and accepting who they are. 

Dealing with unrealistic expectations, setting healthy boundaries in relationships, learning and unlearning how to effectively communicate, parenting and couples counselling are her main focus areas.

Rogerian and Person Centred Techniques are her niche, which gives importance to understanding an individual as a complete being, and believes that every individual has potential.

Her area of special interest includes counseling specifically focused on

 - Adolescent issues 

- Parenting 

- Relationships /Pre marital

- Young Adult issues 

- Assertiveness, 

- Decision making.

Special prices for non-earning students can be availed for INR 400 (only for students). Booking can be taken for any available slot by emailing to; by mentioning the mobile number used for the shopdoc account.

In case the session exceeds 1 hour, additional payment of the same booking amount will be charged. 

Please note to make the appointment atleast 24 hrs in advance, so that the practitioner is notified to approve the appointment. If not approved, the appoinment will be rescheduled.

MA Psychology
PG Diploma Counselling Psychology
Kannur University
Family Therapy Certification
Behavioural Therapy Certification
Self Employed. Working with young adults mainly focusing on relationships, boundary management; also helping parents navigate sex education and informing appropriately to the kids about the same.
Intern at Trust Centre for mindful living
Was part of a batch of trainee psychologists being given an in depth understanding of different therapy modalities.
Trainee Counsellor at IRPC Rehabilitation Centre, Kannur
IRPC, Kannur, is a rehabilitation centre mainly working with terminally ill patients, and those having severe after effects of stroke. Responsibility included group counselling for caretakers and individual counselling for the patients.
Trainee Counsellor at Perumbadavu Higher Secondary School, Kannur
Part of a team of trainee counsellors who provided individual counselling to adolescents.
  • Adolescent health
  • Child and adolescent behavioral health
  • Women’s mental health
  • Adult mental health
  • Behavioral problems
  • Emotional difficulties
  • Relationship counselling
  • Pre-marital counselling
  • Life coaching
  • Counseling
  • Parental management training
  • Assertiveness and decision making
29 Sep 2023
U OK? Mental Health Counseling and Therapy Clinic Kalamassery
Kalamassery, Kerala
Consultation methods
Video Consultation
₹ 1400
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