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Dr. Suraj  P Haridas
General Practitioner

Dr. Suraj P Haridas

Consultant Physician
Malayalam, English, Hindi
Dr. Suraj P Haridas completed his MBBS, MD(Internal Medicine), FC-Diab, PGDiab (Boston USA) and C-Diab(phfi). A consultant physician with Sunrise Group of Hospitals, Dr. Suraj has experience of working as physician, diabetologist and faculty of internal medicine with various hospitals across Kerala. A gold-medalist during his undergraduation days, Dr. Suraj’s academic brilliance, coupled with his clinical expertise, has made him one of the most sought-after physicians in the state. He is the former best outgoing from the reputed Govt Rajaji medical college. He an ardent researcher and keen academic combined with his astute clinical acumen, he has risen to a rare genre of leading & most sought after Physician & Diabetologist in Kerala. He is also much sought after for his mentoring skills and leadership training too. With his arrival, scores of people from India & overseas have installed insulin pumps & the latest technologies in Diabetes grooming. He is interested in Any multi organ symptoms that needs evaluation, Weight loss for evaluation, Any fever without localising signs, Anemia, Lifestyle diseases Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipedemia, Autoimmune and connective tissue disorders / polyarthralgias, Nutritional deficiency and malnutrition, Young generation with life style disorders, Youth with lack of confidence and needing personality nourishment.
  • Autonomic disorders
  • Personality disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Anaemia
11 Aug 2022
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