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Dr. Jayaraj  S
General Dentist

Dr. Jayaraj S

Consultant Dentist
Malayalam, English, Hindi
Dr. Jayaraj S completed his BSc, BDS, PGCLD, Fellowship in Laser Dentistry. A dental surgeon who holds a fellowship in laser dentistry, Dr. Jayaraj S is well-experienced and offers quality advance treatment for dental problems, specialising in immediate load dental implants, laser dentistry and corrective treatment for deformities. With his expertise, he handles basic to complex procedures, covering the entire spectrum of dental treatment. His area of interest includes General Dentistry, Laster dentistry – Hard and soft tissues, Sedation and nitrous oxide inhalation and anaesthesia, Medical emergencies in dental clinic, Basic life support, Dental and facial trauma care Crown and bridges in-dentistry, Treating medically compromised patients.
  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Laster dentistry
  • Dental and facial trauma care
11 Aug 2022
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