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Feminath Gopinath

Feminath Gopinath

Managing Director
Malayalam, English, Hindi
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We practice painfree dentistry in Trivandrum with the utilisation of 1)gate control theory 2)two point discrimination 3) tissue distraction. Patients can only believe that the needle prick goes unnoticed by experiencing it. Ardent follower of single visit root canal treatment and immediate loading dental implants even in most adverse situation. All supported by strong scientific evidence and empirical data from our recorded follow up with xray. We have retreated many failed root canals and made it successful. We treat complex root canals with big curves and block due to calcification and use basal bone to place implant when conventional implantologist decline implant placement.
  • Dentures
  • Implants
  • Root canal
22 Sep 2023
Ananthapuri Super Speciality Dental Clinic
Trivandrum, Kerala
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