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Dr. Chitra B  Pillai
Emergency & Critical Care

Dr. Chitra B Pillai


Malayalam, English

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Dr.Chitra B Pillai, Well qualified in the ED to- triaging, retriaging and reverse triaging patients and also Identifying and treating life threatening emergencies to resuscitate critically ill patients. She also perform emergency and life saving procedures / interventions which include Airway manoeuvres using adjunctants to airway management, resuscitating impending respiratory arrest / respiratory arrest with surgical airway management including needle cricothroidotomy / cricothroidotomy usage of non invasive and invasive ventilation techniques. She also handled the recent Corona virus pandemic crisis by creating a Corona / fever clinic and a seperated ED space along with the ER team lead by the HOD to cater to all emergency needs without the fear of the pandemic interfering in the care of any critically ill patients.
  • Pediatric emergency care
  • Primary care/Emergency
20 Jan 2022
Ananthapuri Hospitals
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