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Knee replacement

Knee replacement

What is knee replacement surgery?

Due to knee pain, many people find it difficult and painful to do daily activities such as walking, sitting, and climbing the stairs. Knee replacement(Arthroplasty) is a procedure done to relieve pain and problems associated with the knee due to arthritis by the procedure of ‘resurfacing’. This procedure is mainly used when pain associated with the knee cannot be relieved from other medicines and treatments

How knee replacement surgery is performed?

There are four steps:

1. The diseased cartilage surface along with some amount of underlying bone at the ends of the femur and tibia are removed.

2. It is then replaced with metal components that recreate the surface of the joint. 

3. The undersurface of the kneecap (patella) is cut and resurfaced.

4. Then a medical-grade plastic spacer is inserted between the metal components to provide a smooth gliding surface. 

Procedure Associated with the surgery

During the surgery, your knee will be kept in a bend position exposing the surface of the knee clearly. Then an opening of about 6-10 cm is made and the surgeon removes the damaged surfaces of the joint. 

After the removal, the surgeon attaches the artificial joint to the end of the thigh and calf bones. The artificial joint is usually made up of metal. For smooth movement, a plastic spacer is used between the metal parts.

A knee replacement surgery usually takes about 1 to 2 hours and sometimes this time can vary depending on the complexities associated with the surgery performed.

Why do you need knee replacement surgery?

Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, disorders that cause unusual bone growth, osteonecrosis, knee injury, knee deformity with pain and loss of cartilage. If the above conditions don't improve with other treatments such as anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections, lubricating injections, physical therapy, or other surgeries, then knee replacement surgery will be recommended.

Preparation for recovery

For several weeks after the procedure, it will be difficult for you to walk or move. You will need the help of crutches or a walker. You should need the help of a person to do your cooking, bathing, cleaning and other basic needs.

Since climbing the stairs will be difficult after the surgery, you should create a living space in the floor without getting there by stairs. While bathing, you should arrange a chair as standing there can affect your knee. Make sure to install proper bars to support your movement wherever necessary.

Signs of Infections after the surgery

You should take proper care after the surgery. Immediately seek medical help if you experience the following health problems:

1) Severe fever

2) Shivering

3) Extreme pain in the knee

4) Redness or swelling at the site

Knee replacement cost in Kerala

Knee replacement in Kerala can cost around 1.5 to 2.3 lakhs. This is an average cost and it can vary depending upon the hospital, health conditions, complexities associated with the surgery.

Knee Replacement - FAQs

1) How painful is a total knee replacement?

After the procedure, you will be experiencing pain in the opening made during the surgery.

2) What age is best recommended for knee replacement?

Knee replacement is recommended generally for people more than the age of 50. Knee replacement is also done for people depending on their age and level of pain too.

3) Is knee replacement a major surgery?

Yes. Knee replacement is major surgery and hence it is only preferred if all other medications and treatments are not effective.

4) How long after knee replacement can you walk?

You can 4-8 weeks after knee replacement surgery. This time period can vary depending on your recovery progress.

5) What happens if you wait long for a knee replacement?

If you wait too long for the surgery, then you are putting yourself at risk of deforming your knees.

6) Whom should I consult for arthritis?

You should consult a Rheumatologist for arthritis and other diseases associated with bones, muscles and joints.

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