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Hair transplant
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Hair transplant

What is hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplant surgery is a hair restoring process, which involves removing and donating your own hair follicles and filling the area with less hair or no hair. ShopDoc offers a wide variety of best hair transplant clinics and health experts who are experienced in hair transplant surgery in Kerala and outside

Who should get hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplant is recommended by a hair transplant surgeon after properly assessing the people who have hair loss which is stable for more than 3 years.

Some of the indications for the hair transplant procedure include; Individuals who have permanent baldness, but systemically healthy, androgenic alopecia (Pattern baldness) - People who have good hair density at the donor area, individuals with receding hairline and people who have lost hair due to trauma or scarring.

How permanent is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a micrografting process and the results of hair transplant are long-lasting and permanent.

How is the procedure done?

It is an outpatient surgical procedure which is basically performed by two methods:

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or Strip technique: This procedure is indicated when there is a considerable amount of baldness which requires a high number of hair grafts. A thin strip of hair is taken from the back or sides of the scalp and is dissected to produce individual hair grafts in the graft separation room. After creating the hairline design these individual hair grafts are transplanted in the recipient site. The donor site is then sutured by using a specialized technique called trichophytic closure which allows healing without scarring. 

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): This technique is considered in initial bald cases who require less number of hair grafts. The procedure involves the extraction of hair grafts from a donor site using a punch surgical device and placing it directly at the recipient site. Other few recent techniques include; the combination of FUT and FUE, BHT (Body Hair Transplant), Rapid harvest and early implantation, and no root touch techniques. 

Hair transplant surgery cost?

The cost of the procedure will range from INR 60,000 to INR 400,000 depending on the extent of baldness and the technique used.

Pre-surgery guidelines

It is very important to take pre hair transplant care. This will ensure a smooth transplant procedure. A few days prior to the surgery patients are advised to stick to the following steps:

- Avoid the consumption or usage of aspirin, anti-inflammatory medicines, painkillers, or blood thinners.

- Avoid the usage of steroids as they can increase the chance of bleeding during the surgery.

- Usage of alcohol and smoking is also prohibited

A day before the surgery the patient is advised to:

- Get enough sleep

- Avoid the usage of gel, hair creams, or any other styling products

- Consume any medicines which are prescribed by the doctor

- Wash the scalp with a mild shampoo

- Avoid caffeine and have a light breakfast

- Avoid indulging in any kind of exercise or other physical activities.

Post-surgery guidelines

Caring for your hair about the surgery by taking the necessary steps is also important.

- Do not mess with the beneficiary area after the surgery for a few days. It is common that you will be experiencing tenderness.

- Take all the medicines, anti-inflammatory medicines and antibiotics prescribed by the doctor.

- Two days after the surgery, the patient can take a bath. It is necessary to avoid towels to dry the hair.

- Do not engage in heavy physical activities for at least a couple of weeks after the surgery.

- Consume all the prescribed medications on a regular basis.

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1) Is hair transplant painful?

The hair transplant procedure is not at all painful. But after the surgery the area of the scalp will have a tender feeling.             

2) What is the best age for hair transplant?

Even though anyone above the age of 18 can undergo hair transplant surgery, it is advised that people above the age of 25 are the best candidates for the procedure as hair loss patterns cannot be fully determined for people under the specified age.

3) How much does a hair transplant cost in Kerala?

Hair transplant surgery can cost from 20,000-1,50,000 depending upon the amount of hair that needs to be transplanted.

4) How long do hair transplants take?

Hair transplant surgery can last for four to eight hours depending on the amount of hair that needs to be transplanted.

5) Do hair transplants look natural?

With the expertise and skill of the surgeon combined with the latest technology, hair transplants look very natural.

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