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PEACE International School Clinic Trikaripur
Trikaripur, Kasaragod

PEACE International School Clinic Trikaripur

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This is a virtual-only primary healthcare service center available exclusively for the students, teachers, and parents of PEACE International School Trikaripur in Kerala, in order to create awareness, provide education and basic care in preventive health. Our message is simple, prevention is better than cure. We educate, engage, and empower students with their health, wellness, and fitness through various healthcare-related workshops, activities, training, and events. Besides, students can access virtual consultation with medical practitioners through this virtual clinic under the strict supervision of either parent or authorized teacher. We encourage and instill a healthy lifestyle, amplify the importance of mental and emotional health, and provide counseling to support personal relationships, and improve academic and intellectual performance. The future of healthcare delivery is largely digital, therefore it's vital to prepare the children future-ready when it comes to accessing right health information and services digitally. We help younger population in acquiring reliable information and essential knowledge in order to take the leadership of their own health, fitness, wellness and happiness. Together we help build a healthier and happier society.

  • Psychology
  • General Practitioner (GP)
  • Nutrition
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Fitness
  • Primary care
  • Adult mental health
  • Vision screening
  • Fitness sessions
  • Psychotherapy
  • Wellness therapy
  • Preventive Health
  • Child nutrition
  • Digital healthcare training
  • Personality development workshops
  • Health education seminars
  • Mental health counselling
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