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Dr. Krishna  Dathan

Dr. Krishna Dathan

Senior Specialist
Malayalam, English
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Dr. Krishna is a senior specialist in the department of neonatology with expertise in providing care to critically ill neonates, extreme preterm, infants with congenital heart diseases and more. He graduated from govt. Medical college, calicut with a degree in MBBS. He completed MD . In pediatrics dr rajendra prasad govt. Medical college, tanda, himachal pradesh and his fellowship in pediatric cardiology from fortis escorts heart institute, new delhi. He recently completed his DNB superspeciality in neonatology from mehta multispeciality hospital, chennai.
  • Developmental pediatrics
  • Children care
30 Nov 2022
Aster MIMS Kannur
Chala, Kerala
Consultation methods
In-person Consultation
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