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Dogs as therapy
15 Nov 2021
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Table of Contents

Human-Animal connection
Dogs as emotional support in Olympics and in schools
Adoption of dogs by working people and their impact
Dogs and our well being
Dogs impact on our daily lives
Dogs adapt to our own personality

Human-Animal connection

A Human-Animal connection, symbolic of lifelong love, comfort, fierce devotion, and intense loyalty. We receive unconditional love from them. They will always accept us no matter what. Not caring if you’re rich, poor, angry, or soft. They will always love you. They also create secure attachment which fosters the development of one’s self. It is a relationship that is mutual and beneficial for both humans and animals. All dog owners say and accept that this is the one relationship in their lives that will never hurt or disappoint them.

Our relationship with dogs dates back to 15000 years. It started as dogs giving humans protection and service during hunting, farming, and other tasks. From being alone in the World War to be the daily companions of our households. They’ve been with us in all possible ways. They are naturally and historically attuned to us.

Dogs as emotional support in Olympics and in schools.

Dogs provide us emotional support and are stress busters which is why a lot of people refer to them as ‘therapists’. Even in the Olympics 2020, in order to take care of the daily mental health battles. Some schools also have kept dogs as full-time employees after COVID-19. So that they help children with stress and anxiety which they still hold after the lockdown period.

Adoption of dogs by working people and their impact.

The importance of dogs is also highly present on the professional front. That is why they’re using it as a method for improving the mental health of athletes, students, and others too. 

– We have all faced stress, anxiety, loss, and loneliness during a hard time of 2020 and even 2021. Dogs comfort us, provide us with emotional support, and help us with healing from any sort of trauma. During the lockdown, we were all stuck in our homes. The adoption rate for dogs drastically increased and as everyone’s work was from home.

They got to spend a lot of quality time with their pets. And now the pets have grown with having their owners completely around them. They fear that their dogs would have separation anxiety if work gets back to the office. This change because of these factors was drastically seen as most of the people who then came back to work wanted to have a pet-friendly work environment. And companies like Google, Amazon, and Ben & Jerry are implementing new pet-friendly policies. All because of employee requests and their satisfaction.

Dogs and our well being.

  • They have the ability to instantly cheer up our moods, their little simple gestures just put a smile on their face. As even a simple touch comforts us when we are in need. Cuddling with our pets also increases our oxytoxin (happy hormones) which is why we always feel good with them. They are linked with positive emotional states and stress hormones like cortisol fall when we’re around them. And many researchers have shown a decrease in blood pressure.
  •  Even in India, the retired K9 dog heroes after serving their life for the police have now started with the second innings as therapy dogs at ITBP hospitals for the patients undergoing medical treatment and specially challenged children where these trained dogs provide their emotional support to those going through hard times.

Dogs impact on our daily lives

– Once you get a dog, your own physical activities increase as you have to take them out for a walk which eventually helps you with your physical health. 

– It also increases your social circle as you meet new people in your neighborhood. It would ignite conversations with them eventually leading to new friends and circles.

– Studies show that people who have dogs, met their daily exercise needs because they add a structure or a routine to the day. No matter how you’re feeling you will have to get out of bed to either feed them, take them out, or care for them which eventually helps you also.

Dogs adapt to our own personality. 

Another interesting fact about dogs is that they are a reflection of your own personality so if you meet someone’s dog, they would tell you about the owner also. This is a fact. Just like the child of the house will have the personality traits of the family members. The same goes for dogs because we raise them too like kids. Eventually, with time they adapt to our personalities and because of our own reflection. 

These are some of the reasons why you should adopt a dog or a pet. They have truly been an essential part of us during the pandemic. Go ahead and verify all the facts stated here with someone who has kept one and they will agree to them all and also add to them. The pandemic made people adopt dogs as they were lonely in this time period. And dogs were a source of providing them with the companionship which they have been providing us since day one.

RAVNEET KAHLON  Counselling Psychologist

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