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Why do I cry when I am angry?
10 Mar 2022
Why do I cry when I am angry? image

You are furious and want to speak up. You want to oppose and correct. Moreover, you are blamed for no reason. You want them to know the exact reason. Even if you are furious, you cannot speak up. Your eyes are filling up and suddenly you are crying. 

Even if you don’t want to cry, this keeps happening. Do you want to know the reason behind this phenomenon and want to control it. In this article, we are going to see all that you need to know about angry tears as well as the ways to control them.

Why makes me cry when I am angry?

Our body reacts to different emotions in a different ways. We all laugh when we are so happy and hear jokes that make us happy. Likewise, even tho we are angry we cry sometimes. This can happen as you are feeling sad, discriminated against, betrayed, or treated without justice. You are not only sad, but your mind is also bearing a feeling of sadness which we can’t know.

Crying helps to release oxytocin and prolactin

Have you ever thought about what all changes happens in our body while we cry? Releasing of oxytocin as well as prolactin is one of the most important changes that happen in our body during crying. These two chemicals are very important as they help o slow down the heart rate. It also helps us to manage the stressful event.

But it is not always possible that crying can improve your mood. Let us see two instances. In the first case, you started crying, and somebody comforted you. Here you may feel relaxed and comfortable after crying.

Now let us consider the second case. Here you started crying because you felt embarrassed or ashamed. Here even crying cannot help to improve your mood.

Why do females cry so much?

Females cry more than men. Many studies and research have shown that women cry an average of four to five times in a month, whereas men usually cry once or not at all in the same period. 

This data shows that women express more emotions than men. Also, many people cry about life events, depression as well as many other unpleasant events that occur in their life.

What are the other effects of anger?

Anger can cause many other physical effects. Even if you do not cry, anger can cause physical issues such as:

  • Headache
  • Digestive problems
  • Abdominal pain
  • A warm feeling
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Skin problems
  • Insomnia

Moreover, in some cases, anger can lead to some worst physical situations such as heart attack and stroke. So it is very important to control your anger as it can cause many physical, mental as well as relationship issues.

What are the tips for controlling your tears while you are angry?

Normally, our body showcases emotions in different moods. But it is not always appropriate in different situations. So here are some useful methods that you can try to control your tears while you are angry


Breathing is one of the most important as well as useful methods that can take you back to your normal mental position. Many kinds of research have shown that concentrating on your breathing can also help you to:

  • Lower body temperature
  • Restore alertness
  • Make your muscle tension normal

Drinking water can help you

Dehydration can also affect your moods as well as the way you think. Moreover, drinking water can also help you to:

  • Make your stress hormones back to normal
  • Increase alertness
  • Lower heart rate and blood pressure

Move slowly

If you are feeling furious, slowly change your body positions. This can help your mind to divert the thought and thus help you to cool down. You can do this by slowly standing up, sitting down, or walking.

Moreover, there are other steps that you could try to calm yourself such as:

  • Talking to someone that you trust the most about how you feel and about your emotions
  • If you are feeling angry don’t talk furiously. Walk away slowly and keep quiet until your emotions cool down. 
  • Try to figure out the reasons that made you angry
  • Once you figured it out, plan and implement ways to solve it

Sometimes it is hard to solve your emotions. In such cases, you can take advice from the experts. Any emotions which cannot be controlled can cause physical, mental, and emotional problems. For more help and support, we are always here to help you. Contact us on 1800 889 2559.

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