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When do babies crawl?
28 Jan 2022
When do babies crawl? image

Having a baby is one of the best blessings ever in our life. We are all excited about the growth of the baby. When will the baby start talking, when he will understand our talkings and when he will start walking.

We are all much more excited about the first step of any baby. Even before taking his first step, the first crawling of our baby is something special.

But many new bee parents are confused about the timing of crawling. 

Commonly, babies start to rock back and forth on their hands and knees after six months. six months is just an average calculation. Maybe your little one will start crawling earlier or later. So don’t compare your baby to others. Everyone grows in their way.

How can you encourage your baby to crawl?

Even though crawling is a natural process that happens in babies, you can also help them to make it happen.

Here are three ways to do it:

1- Get some tummy time for your baby

Most of the time, babies will be on our hands or sleeping on their backs. So it is good to give them some tummy time. When your little one spends time lying on their belly, they will try to raise their head off the ground. It strengthens their trunk and back and gets their limbs moving freely.

2- Reduce the amount of time in walkers and bouncers

Instead of keeping your baby in baby swings, walkers and bouncers all the time, give them enough time to explore on the floor and encourage them for crawling.

3- Give your baby a massage

Usually, we do massage as a part of the bedtime routine or right after bath time.

But when it comes to crawling, these massages can help them to move their muscles and get good blood flowing as well.

To give your baby massage, start with a natural baby oil like Mustela’s baby oil. 

Can babies walk before they crawl?

Not really. If your little one develops skip crawling and start walking, it is fine if your baby has no other problems.

If they are doing like this, encourage them as much as possible.

As mentioned earlier, there is no scope for any concern unless your baby shows signs of underdeveloped social or motor skills.

What should I buy for the baby to crawl?

As soon as your baby starts crawling, you can notice that your little one will reach any difficult corners of the house.

So, here are some products to remove that tension from your mind.

1- Baby gate

With crawling comes climbing, which means your furniture and stairs are going to be very appealing to your baby. A gate at the bottom of your stairs will keep your baby from all dangers.

2- A play tunnel

Crawling is very fun to see. Then how it will be using a tunnel?

Your baby will love to go back and forth in a tunnel, and you will enjoy every second of their smile.

3- Soft mats to climb on

Your little one’s knees are not hard like your own. It will not be a problem in many cases unless you have a rough floor on your house.

But if you have one, you must consider buying this one. Not only will it be a little easier on their hands and knees, but also it will be a softer place to land should they accidentally fall face-first.

4- A toy to chase

When babies start crawling, they will try to reach every corner of the house. To keep them from this, you can gift them an attractive toy. So that, they can keep following this. Also, there are many toys in the market that have sensors. As a result, they will move away when the baby comes near to this.

5- Shoes that have no harm to bite

It may feel you like why should I waste money on shoes when the baby has not even started walking. First, the harder toe will help protect the top of your baby’s feet while they crawl, and the rubber sole will help keep them from slipping as they work to pull up, cruise, and eventually walk.

What 6 months baby can do?

Have you ever thought about the other things your baby can do as a 6-month-old?

Your little one will start to express his/her emotions. Also will try to mimic like “da”, “ah”, and even “no”! 

Not only they will start recognizing similar faces but also will try to enjoy themselves with you.

At what age do babies walk without support?

Your next concern after the baby starts crawling will be when they will start walking with their small feet.


No offense, as new bee parents, we can understand your emotion.

Normally it takes 12 months to see a baby’s first step. But it is not a specific age. Maybe, it can be 9 months, 17 or 18.

As said in the case of crawling, it is also specific for each baby. 

Whatever, as a parent, we will have eager to see that first step.

Here are some signs that show your baby is getting closer to walking soon.

  • Standing without support
  • Pulling to a stand
  • Holding onto something while walking  

Try to enjoy every moment with them and make your life happier!

If you have any worries about the health of your little one, you can find always book an appointment with an expert pediatrician online using ShopDoc.
If you have any doubts about sweet baby’s health, you can call us on 1800 889 2559.

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