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What do people know about eczema?
16 Feb 2022
What do people know about eczema? image

There are always some things that other people want you to know or vice versa. But what about someone with eczema?

According to recent studies, there are a few things that people with eczema want you to know.

Let’s see what they are in this article.

It is not contagious

First of all understand the idea of this skin condition eczema. Eczema is basically just an allergy in the skin that starts as an itch that later turns into a rash. People often fear that it might spread to them too that they stay away from eczema patients.

Remember that you can’t catch it only because you interacted with someone with eczema.

It is more than a regular itch

People with eczema share that “it can feel like poison ivy, chickenpox, and a sunburn rolled into one skin condition”. Skin can also get scaly rough with sores that ooze and crust over.

Eczema has nothing to do with poor hygiene

Majority of people think eczema is caused by poor personal hygiene or unhygienic conditions but that’s not the case. Understand that cases of eczema just don’t simply arise from poor skincare routine or hygiene. It has more complex causes and, as a result, more complex solutions.

It’s not that easy to “just stop scratching”

When you have an insect bite you can find a way to keep from scratching but eczema is different; it is a more severe and constant itch.

This condition is more than just cosmetic

It is not just about clear skin or cosmetic side but people with eczema find it hard to cope up with climate changes and extreme temperatures.

Touches can be sensitive

Eczema causes not only itching but everyday contact with others can hurt. If someone is having a burst, shaking or holding hands, hugging, and other touching can be very painful for them.

A helping hand means a lot

People with eczema find it challenging to do their daily chores. Sometimes coming in contact with detergents or certain metals can trigger their already existing condition. So helping them and giving a helping hand can be a blessing to them.

Don’t stare

Eczema can be difficult to conceal, especially if it is severe. People can be unkind when it comes to noticeable skin problems. So stop staring and make them feel like one of us rather than making them feel like an outcast.

It is a mental burden

This is a chronic disorder that can be stressful on your mental and physical stress levels in addition to the exterior discomfort.

What’s it like living with eczema?

Eczema can have an impact on your emotional, social, and personal well-being. It has the potential to disturb family life, personal and social interactions, leisure, holidays, and a variety of other day-to-day activities. 

The visual severity of your eczema does not always determine how much of your life is affected. So try to cheer up yourself or others who are affected by eczema. Mental health is as important as one’s physical health.

What do people think about eczema?

Eczema is frequently regarded as “frustrating”and it can have an effect on confidence and self-esteem. Many people believe that young people, particularly teens, are particularly concerned about their body image.

People with eczema often claim that as teenagers, they felt more self-conscious and believe that it is the age when people are the most judgmental.

Bottom line 

Eczema is a chronic disorder can be stressful on your mental and physical stress levels in addition to the exterior discomfort. So if the skin condition keeps getting worse or it tampers your mental health it is better that you consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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