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Common skin irritants for children
16 Mar 2022
Common skin irritants for children image

Skin can be very sensitive for infants and toddlers. Everything can irritate their skin and cause rashes. Babies are prone to rashes. The majority of rashes are caused by routine viral illnesses and are not cause for concern.

Rashes are usually painless and disappear on their own. Skin irritants are materials that cause skin inflammation, most commonly in the form of dermatitis.

What are common skin conditions in kids?

  • Diaper dermatitis 
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Warts 
  • Acne
  • Contact dermatitis 

These are some common skin conditions in children.

Skin irritants are everywhere few known irritants for children are:

  1. Sunscreen 

We know that sunscreens provide protection from harmful UV rays, however, some compositions may irritate your child’s skin if he or she has sensitive skin. Look for sunscreens that don’t contain para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), a potentially irritating component. For children over the age of six months, It’s a good idea to use a sunscreen that contains zinc oxide

  1. Anti bacterial soaps and detergents

Some of the soaps and detergents can be irritating for children especially antibacterial liquid soaps could be dangerous. For children with sensitive skin, the common component in such soap as “triclosan” may be uncomfortable. Studies show that this chemical also may have an impact on the growth and development of children.

  1. Poison ivy, oak and sumac

These plants and their oils are generally skin irritants for many children. 

  1. Body lotions

People often use body lotions on children. But for some, perfume contents added for fragrance in body lotions can irritate sensitive skin, especially in infants with eczema.

  1. Latex 

Latex can be allergic to children. Toys, balls, and balloons can contain latex in them.

  1. Metals 

Metals like nickel chrome and mercury can be sensitive and hazardous to children. Always keep metals like mercury away from children.

  1. Medicine 

Neomycin is an antibiotic found in medicines that is used to prevent bacterial infection in the intestine. It can also cause contact dermatitis.

What do skin allergies in children look like?

Skin allergies in children are reddish, dry, and scaly in appearance, and in terms of sensation, skin allergies can be itchy. Allergic rashes can bring hives and swell to your child’s skin.

When should I worry about a rash on my child?

If your child has a rash of small, Red, or purple spots or scars that do not turn white when pressed, as well as a fever, headache, stiff neck, or back pain, visit your doctor or go to the local hospital emergency department straight once.

Measles is particularly hazardous for young children and newborns. Consult your doctor if you suspect your child has measles.

Is coconut oil good for itching skin?

Coconut oil has the natural ability to enter the skin fast and effectively, which can potentially increase hydration of your skin, smoothness, and infection resistance.

 Coconut oil can be used on a regular basis to moisturize the skin and relieve itching.

What can I give my child for itchy skin?

  • In a bowl of cool water, soak a clean towel or washcloth.
  • Wring out the towel or washcloth until it is completely moist.
  • Apply a cool compress to the irritated area.
  • Apply your child’s moisturiser to the area you just treated with the compress after removing it.

If you’ve tried numerous remedies for your child and nothing seems to stop the itch

Try consulting a doctor and get proper medications prescribed.
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