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Technology: A passion for health
12 Jan 2022
Technology: A passion for health image

According to WHO, Health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

As human beings, we care about our health. We can lead a happy life only by maintaining our health. Health facilities are increasing day by day. Technology plays a major role in health and allied services. We are living in such a developing country, so glad to say.

Through technology, we can identify those diseases coming to us in the future by diagnosing them at an earlier stage. Also, we can lead a healthy life without diseases by making personal health style by using technology.

How is technology used in health?

In the medical field, there is a wide range of technological development such as scanning, X-rays, and robotic operations. To identify what a disease is and let them know the various diseases coming to a particular person in the future at the earliest. Then changing their lifestyle without having any diseases through developing technologies.

If a person consults a doctor for his illness and related problems, the doctor analyses the patient about his illness and made a prescription for it.

But in some situations, if the patient has memory loss; then he is not able to explain all the problems associated with him by the disease. At that time the doctor cannot completely evaluate the real consequences of the disease. And at those times technology can help both the doctor and the patient.

Through such technologies, the doctor can accurately evaluate the problems of the patient. Earlier doctors prefer packaged medicines. For example, if ten patients have a fever, then the doctor prescribes the same set of medicines for all those patients.

But now personalized medicines are provided by the doctor by analyzing each patient’s life history and personal symptoms by them. In personalized medicines, the chances of recovery are huge as compared to packaged medicines.

The doctor diagnoses the disease by using the personal health data and medical data of the patient. It may include family history, food intake history, exercise history, and previous treatment history of the patient which helps in making clear-cut data to the doctors. Technology thus helps in live monitoring of disease and provides exact medicine for corresponding diseases.

Does wearable technology improve health?

Many wearable technologies are developing nowadays. Smartwatches are one of the examples of wearable technologies which are familiar to us.

Not only smartwatches but there are also smart ornaments, smart dresses, and other tracking pieces of equipment. Except for smartwatches, some others are not still in the markets.

Smartwatches help in live monitoring of our pulse, heartbeat, glucose, blood pressure levels, and even our footsteps. It is a human body sensing technology too.

Also in this Covid period, the RT PCR test is familiar to us which is possible through technology. It lets us know if the person is suffering from the virus or not.

How is technology changing healthcare today?

Almost every disease can be identified by a simple blood test, but Covid can’t. In blood tests, it shows viral fever or low platelet count if the patient is infected by Covid 19. It doesn’t show which type of virus is affected whether it is SARS, Covid 19, Ebola, Zika, Influenza, HIV/AIDS like viral diseases.

Apart from RTPCR, Antigen and Antibody tests are available in laboratories which is because of technological development.

By using IoT-enabled wearable devices we can detect very minute motions in our body and this data can be stored easily on the device.

Also, we can send medical data reports like ECG, Scanning, X-rays, etc to concerned doctors in live mode. In developed countries like Europe, technology helps to alert the dangers in emergency situations by using SOS meditation which is available in ambulances and hospitals.

The Watson machine founded by IBM can detect future diseases which a person is more likely to get by just giving the personal health data and present medical data of the patient.

The chances of getting hereditary diseases are huge nowadays. By technology, it is possible to detect genetic diseases and provide exact treatment for them.

Bone marrow transplantation is one of the important contributions of technology to the medical field.

Benefits of technology in health care

  • Improved care coordination
  • Efficient population health management
  • Improved patient education
  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Reduced human errors
  • Improved practice efficiency
  • Tracking details

Medical reports from laboratories can be received in a few hours on our mobile phone after a complete medical check-up. Through a pulse oximeter, we can know the oxygen level of our body just by placing it at our fingertips. There are applications which help to reduce overweight and obesity in 30 days by just following the hints given by them.

During this Covid pandemic technology played a major role in society such as online meetings and online classes through Zoom, Google meet, Google Duo, Teams, etc. Also, it is possible to get the recorded sessions of the meetings. Some part-time courses like PSC, UPSC, etc can be studied from distance learning in online mode without any hazards.

Technology and Health care together to build a sustainable future. But it is very important to make use of them. As we all know, health is wealth. Doing proper physical activities and consulting health experts at regular intervals is very essential for healthy and happy living.

-Irine GK

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