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Reroute from suicidal thoughts
13 Jan 2022
Reroute from suicidal thoughts image

What exactly are suicidal thoughts?

Thoughts are a series of processes occurring inside, and only a tiny part of it is in your control. The thought of ending your life can suddenly pop up inside your mind just like how you crave to watch a movie or eat a delicious dish. 

Sometimes a demotivated feeling or an alienated feeling can even route you to suicidal thoughts. Thoughts about ending your own life can simply occur to anyone at any time. 

A feeling that your life doesn’t matter anymore. A decision that you’ll no longer be anyone’s prey. An act of revenge that you’ll never be alive to be someone’s toy. A confused mind of not even knowing what to do and a heavy heart that is sunk in tears etc. are few realities you come across in life, once in a while. But these all can route you to suicide. 

Have you ever wondered about life after death? Even a deeper curiosity on that subject can lead you to suicide. Because suicidal thoughts are this simple.

How do suicidal thoughts occur in us?

Life is a beautiful journey. But what happens when it is no longer beautiful? This is a serious question. 

More than 700,000 people suicide every year. Do you think it is for fun? No, not at all. There is a reason behind every death. If someone dares to kill themselves, they probably don’t want to live anymore. 

It is not true that suicidal thoughts occur in people with mental illness. Today you might be feeling great. But when you wake up tomorrow morning, you’ll suddenly start feeling odd. The process begins as simple as this and when you put so much thought into something that affects you negatively, you are slowly entering into the web of suicidal thoughts. 

They can be rooted in your mind as a trail of loneliness, stress, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and even simply due to the absence of jubilant moments in life.

What are the general signs of a person with suicidal thoughts?

Indications that a person might be planning to suicide include:

  • Discussions and interest in matters of death
  • Relying on alcohols and pills
  • Feeling hopeless and discouraged
  • Distancing from friends and family
  • Crying and screaming without a reason
  • Speaking words of farewell and recollecting memories
  • Asking for forgiveness and doing good deeds
  • Loss of interest in life and people around
  • Researching about suicide and related matters
  • Considering themselves a burden to family and society
  • Feeling restless and emotionally unstable

These signs vary from person to person. That is why you should keep an extra eye on a person who starts to show these signs. And, be careful of yourself too. Because if you start to feel these, you should be quick to solve the problem. 

Not everyone with these signs ends up in suicide. But the probability is higher because every suicidal thought begins with one of these signs. And the rates of people who commit suicide are increasing day by day. 

How can we prevent suicidal thoughts?

There are many things you can do to prevent suicidal thoughts. Some of the measures you need to seek if you start to think about suicide include:

1. Sharing

Talk with people

Sharing your thoughts with people you trust can help you feel at ease. Talking to someone openly can help you get rid of your negative thoughts and they can suggest a new step in your life. 

Nobody can assume what’s going inside your head, so you have to talk it out and that can help you be free from suicidal thoughts. To your dear ones, nothing is more important than your life. So you have to be bold enough to share your agonies and anxieties with someone who can help you.

Lessen the burden

Having to solve many matters on your own can increase your burden. There are times in life when you feel like you can’t move any further. But that is quite normal. Don’t pressure yourself. 

Give some time for everything. Share your burden and lesser them by filling your black moments with white ones.

2. Do fruitful things

Doing something innovative can help you get away from the suicidal thoughts troubling you. Having to do nothing all day will bother your brain and route the way for suicidal thoughts. 

If you are free and have nothing to do, find something.  You can try a variety of topics and can slowly develop your hobby into a passion. There are thousands of things you can do. Just find out what you are interested in and try to concentrate on them. 

3. Maintain a healthy routine and lifestyle

Being busy with solving solemn topics, you might not get enough time to care about yourself. No matter what, your first priority should be you. 

Have a scheduled life. Have proper meals, have enough sleep, and have enough fun. There is no point in waiting to take care of you until you are feeble. When you are weak, your mind will become weak and you’ll start to have negative thoughts. Having a healthy routine and lifestyle will help you develop a healthy mind full of positive thoughts.

4. Keep a limit 

There should be a limit for everything you do. Understandably, you need fun in life. Drinking alcohol once or twice is different from being a heavy drinker.  And watching dramas once or twice a week is different from staying up late only to watch dramas. 

Doing something for fun is no longer a funny activity if you have become serious. Because that is addiction and it can lead to negative thoughts. Once you no longer have access to the items you are addicted to, you’ll start loving yourself and that will eventually end in suicidal thoughts. 

Higher rates of children who commit suicide belong to the category of gaming addicts. So make sure to keep a limit on whatever you do.

5. Find happiness and be inspired

Happiness is everywhere. The point is, we rarely see them. Find happiness in yourself. Learn to find happiness in the people you meet and the places you visit. Be happy with the work you do. Have healthy conversations with your dear and near ones. Watch happy movies and hear happy music. Be pleasant with a smile on. 

There are a million little things in life to get inspired. Observe people and learn from them. Observe nature and find peace in them. Try to see the positivity of everything that comes your way. Believe that there is something good in everything and that can help you stay motivated and focused. 

Don’t hurt the people who believe in you. Keep up with a happy attitude and spread positivity. So that once you are demotivated, there will be at least someone who’ll come to you and ask if there is something wrong. 

6. Ask questions and find answers yourself

Do not always wait for someone to help you. Ask yourself if something is wrong. Sort your thoughts and bring out solutions yourself. Nobody can help you better than you. Ask yourself for help first, before going to someone else. Because engaging yourself in trying to find solutions for your issues, can divert you from negative thoughts. It can help you stay awake and positive.

What if your suicidal thoughts go out of hand?

If you believe you can no longer solve your issues, don’t panic. Because suicide is preventable. Chronic pain or violence can instantaneously make you think of suicide as a solution. But don’t do anything on the spur of the moment. 

Calm down first and consult a doctor as soon as you are ready to explain the situation. A counseling session can help you think slowly and sort out all the matters troubling you. 

Psychotherapies and medications are available. Effective interventions like safety planning and follow-up phone calls are engaged these days by government organizations to make sure you are feeling good. So even if you cannot stop your suicidal thoughts, there are people out there who can help you to reroute from suicidal thoughts. 

Remember one thing, suicide is not a solution. Even if you don’t have a reason to live, live for that small circle that actually cares about you and will be heartbroken on hearing of your demise. Stay happy. 

-Aysha Nazarudeen

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