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Is college for fun or to build a career? Things to know before you graduate
12 Jan 2022
Is college for fun or to build a career? Things to know before you graduate image

Most people don’t find the importance of understanding a clear frontier between fun and goals. It is very vital to work on your mental health by ensuring you don’t regret certain decisions in your life. You should work on yourself than seeing someone else’s achievement and sulking.

We often come across this dilemma, how can I be productive in college together with having fun.

I have come across people in my life who see college being as a source of parties and festivities. Surely why not, it is fun but when we pass out or graduate who is going to give back that early 20’s of your life which is the tender years of achievement.

Some people might not be fully agreeing with what I’ll be talking about further in this blog. But it is important to understand they are people who face confusion. Confused between teachers who say to work on yourself and peers who want you to think college is all about fun. I’ll be helping you to balance this.

I have often seen people around me, who party hard in their 20’s and being at a depressing job in the ’30s with kids and responsibilities.

Bob Marley quoted” Money can’t buy life or happiness “, But I seriously doubt was he sober once in his life?

I know I know, Money doesn’t bring you happiness but money can surely take away some sorrows in your life.

Therefore, this blog is completely on something that youngsters are often confused about. Cause trust me, no one will motivate you from time to time. You have to be self-motivated throughout.

6 months of hard work can make you 3 years ahead of life. So, without further delay let’s get to it.

How do I get started?

This is the part that you have to figure out. Your

  • Interest
  • Passion
  • Attentiveness.

Think about the things you like. Maybe e-commerce, advertising, trading, marketing, or coding. College doesn’t teach you everything. They don’t teach the importance of networking, skills, or socializing.

People spend thousands of dollars on college expecting them to promise you a guaranteed job, which is not true.

When you graduate, you and your friends have the same degree. You guys did the same homework, same projects, and same tests. What makes you unique from them is that the interviewer will choose you instead of one of your classmates.

They need skill. Show off your skill on your resume. Study something that college doesn’t teach, focus on an extra skill that is on-demand.

If you are doing a specific course, find the skills that the recruiters need to accept you. Do projects on that, show them. Action speaks louder than words.

The bonus point is that these skills can also help you make money passively during your college.

Do some projects, acquire skills, and showcase your qualities and expertise wherever possible. Find part-time jobs that increase your expertise in your skills.

Does this mean I am not supposed to have fun at college?

You are supposed to have fun, make friends and create memories. But that shouldn’t cost your future. We tend to procrastinate a lot especially at the company of our friends.

But it is necessary to set a boundary. You cannot watch Netflix series for hours and complaint you don’t get time to work on your skill or side hustle. This is exactly what e discussed in the beginning, you have to stay self-motivated.

When it’s time, say bye to your friends and get to work. They might compel you to stay some more but they will be the same friends who will ask for your help after graduation when they have no job at their hand.

You shouldn’t wait for ideal timing telling yourself that I’ll do it next month or next year. There isn’t perfect timing. I know opportunities are more in this era but so does competition.

This doesn’t mean you need to stay away from friends. In this competitive world to stay motivated you need to make limitations to everything that drags you back.

When my mom said, I should only buy a new laptop after 5 years, I can’t stop wondering where the world will reach in 5 years. Technology is running faster than a sprint swift bird. So do the chances.

Don’t wait for the best timing.

Most of the rich people started late. So, there isn’t a problem if I start late, right?

I’m not saying you can’t achieve something late in your life. I’m just stating a point that why do you want to start late and give a chance to regret.

Your early 20’s are the perfect days when you have nothing to lose and take chances. I love one of these quotes by Steve Jobs that keeps me motivated, which goes like, “That’s why we started Apple, we said you know, we have absolutely nothing to lose. I was 20 years old at the time, Woz was 24-25, so we have nothing to lose. We have no families, no children, no houses. Woz had an old car. I had a Volkswagen van, I mean, all we were going to lose is our cars and the shirts off our back.”

When you start late you have a constant worry to lose. You might have old parents, a wife, or kids to look after. This will make you terrified to take chances and leave your old 9-5 job and do what you like. We cannot predict in what circumstances you will be. You might go crippled in the future or something worse. We have no idea how to predict that.

In short, even though you don’t succeed you’ll come a long way if you keep working. It’s important to keep a barrier between your career and fun. Don’t let fun consume you. Fortune doesn’t come to everybody. Even if that comes, it’ll be consumed by your inadequate financial knowledge.

It is absolutely important to have financial freedom, which can only be achieved by your constant dedication, perseverance, and commitment towards your goals.

There may be many doubts and stress when thinking about your future. If you cannot manage your stress, then take professional help.

Set Your Boundaries and Get your work done.

-Simaran Naseer

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