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A not so insignificant reflection
12 Jan 2022
A not so insignificant reflection image

What’s the time right now? What is your next appointment? A deadline plaguing you for the conclusion or date you just might miss? or rather you find yourself questioning your existence as time slips by.

Would you term yourself ” mentally sound “? I would like to say you would and for that matter, anyone will most likely say the same. I am, like you, just an unassuming person sifting through the modern world’s notion of being mentally sound. It is not far-fetched to say that all of us to some degree are not composed in totality all the time making us not as mentally sound as we think we are. Mental health is quite an opinionated world very much like all the other ones we are accustomed to or quite often unwillingly or not we are a part of.

How do mental health issues develop?

Serious mental illnesses are very much real ranging from chronic depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and its variations, DPD to name a few. These conditions do not necessarily arise as a result of old age, or rather a genetic disposition but yes, it is likely.

By the way are these the only facets of the term “Mental Health” as people would like to believe? You should probably give that a thought. Introspection (quite intimidating, I know) might just lead to profound revelations. You might already have got to this point but may have felt it’s quite insignificant or rather something that is best left in a far corner of your inquisitive mind. This is just a reminder, so to say, that revelation is something that deserves a few minutes of your valuable time.

Why is it important to accept yourself?

Acceptance of vulnerability comes after realizing that you are, which in itself is quite an achievement. All of those moments where you felt like you were losing the ground beneath your feet or on the contrary had a very intrusive thought which you couldn’t keep yourself away from can be termed as a point where you were not feeling well to put it lightly.

Can you be mentally alright all the time? Maybe. Most likely not. I would say whatever the case some amount of validation has proven to be quite useful. In simple terms, we can all be put somewhere in the vast spectrum of mental health concerning the life story of a person or something quite at the other extreme of this spectrum where there is a genetic factor playing a significant role.

Nonetheless, not one can be put above the other because each of these stories are personal and might just be quite different from each other. I feel that accepting that you have been at a different plane of thought where you felt weak or vulnerable and you found yourself convincing your well-trained mind that “it’s not what it is” is the ideal place to start. I’m talking about something very much akin to the process that is important to reach the activation energy of an enzyme. The hard part. Now, what’s next?

Can you self cure mental illness?

This is the next question that most of all must be thinking about. Some part of the next decisive step is not just our own mind you. People around us must go through the same introspection and acceptance at least on a very subtler level for this to be entirely effective but it might not always be the case as the society’s demographic is not just in your hands anyways.

So intrusive thoughts, how would you approach this bluntly true but plainly disturbing thought? Understanding that whatever you feel is quite normal is an imperative part of this bold endeavor you are undertaking. Accepting help is another. Normal is a dangerous word. Very much true wouldn’t you agree? But as long as your catharsis doesn’t dish out any undeserved hurt and consequences for others or yourself it’s the proper road to embark on.

Another facet of the understanding is that there is no need for a horrid uprooting of who you are as a person for the sake of what everyone sees as “recovery”. It’s more like being on terms with the person that you are at every step along the way. Medicine aids you in your journey playing its role on your bodily chemical compounds, neurotransmitter levels, and whatnot.

A mindful move past the intrusive thought that held you up for quite some time is the desired result at the end of the day. Inevitably bit by bit you would start to feel better in doing something for yourself without getting increasingly self-absorbed.

You would be proud that you did everything that you wanted or maybe things that you needed, making a good few memories along the way. You’d feel a bit lighter anyway.

Why is helping others important?

 You. Not you. The person is next to you. What do you think of the person reading these words? Do you feel weirded out, judgemental or are you afraid? And you. You are reading this. Have you ever been hypocritical about the same? The doubt still standing? It might take all of these individual processes its own due time but yes, this revelation that you have should be a parasite of a thought.

The parasite that you chose to shove under your bed might be of help after all. The threshold is there for you to reach. Are you going to wait around for the intrusion to take over? You might as well make up your mind about what you ought to feel. Optimistically speaking it might be early for you for someone else not necessarily.

It is always important to talk about your issues to a mental health expert. Mental health is so important as that physical health. Talk to a mental health professional to know more.

-Rejath Prakash

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