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5 simple steps to lower blood pressure
14 Oct 2021
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Have you heard of the medical condition which is also known as “silent killer”. Hey, don’t think too much. “Blood pressure” or “Hypertension” is referred to as the silent killer by health experts. Do you know why? Many a time high it can cause conditions like strokes. 

These conditions caused by lower blood pressure is one of the major reason for deaths all around the world. Our blood pressure depends upon the amount of blood supplied by our heart.

If you or anyone suffering from high blood pressure, you probably think that only medications can bring down the number. The pleasing news about high blood pressure is that a healthy lifestyle can bring back your blood pressure rates normal. 

If you are looking for proper guidance on how to lower your blood pressure, then we are here for you. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the simplest ways to reduce high blood pressure. 

1. Engage in physical activities

A sedentary lifestyle can cause high blood pressure and many other serious issues. Engaging in physical activities and maintaining good health is the only key to lower blood pressure. 

While doing exercises or other physical activities, our heart gets stronger. A stronger heart can pump with low effort, thus reducing the risk of high blood pressure. Make sure that you do proper physical activities.

If you are confused, then don’t worry. You can start practicing some very basic and easier activities such as:

  • Climbing the stairs multiple times
  • Walking short distances instead of driving
  • Doing simple household works
  • Cycling everyday
  • Gardening
  • Playing outdoor sports 
  • If you are alone, try skipping rope
  • Practice yoga
  • Jogging
  • Dancing

Make sure that while doing any physical activities, enjoy it. It will benefit you physically and at the same time motivates you to make it a routine.

2. Consume a healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet regularly can lower the chance of high blood pressure. You may ask, what should you include in your diet. A healthy diet to reduce blood pressure includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products.

This eating plan is known as commonly known as the DASH diet which means Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet.

But sometimes it will be hard for us to change our diet habits. Here are few tips that you can adopt to deal with it

Adopt clever shopping

What would you commonly do while choosing a product? Most people just look at the band and price tag to choose a product. While coming to choose a food product you should observe the food labels.

Make sure that the contents written on the food label are appropriate for your diet plan. Don’t choose food products blindly. Choose them cleverly.

Enhance potassium

Increase the consumption of foods rich in potassium. Also, remember to cut back all the salts to avoid a decrease in blood pressure. 

But, if you are suffering from any kidney problems intake of potassium can be risky. So consult a doctor to know about your dietary requirements. Some of the easily available foods that are rich in protein include fish, bananas, and milk.

3. Limit the consumption of alcohol

Alcohol intake has many benefits and it is also used as medicine. But when alcohol consumption exceeds a certain limit it is dangerous.  

By drinking alcohol, say one or two drinks it can reduce the risk of high blood pressure. But if you consume a large amount daily, it can increase your blood pressure. Also, alcohol consumption can reduce the effect of medications used.

4. Stop smoking

Tobacco use not only leads to cancer and heart attacks, but it also has many dangerous health effects. Long-term use of smoking can increase your blood pressure to high numbers.

The chemicals associated with tobacco narrow down our arteries and thus deploys high blood pressure and inflammation. Stop smoking to bring back your blood pressure to normal rates and to maintain a healthy heart.

5. Minimize stress

If you are suffering stress regularly or even occasionally, then there is a chance of having high blood pressure.

If you are stressed take a deep breath and think about the factors that are responsible for your stress. It can be associated with your friends, family, job, relationships, or any other life problems.

Only you know the reason for your stress. Stress can not only cause physical problems, but it can also make you down mentally and socially. If you need help consider consulting a health expert as soon as possible.

If you want to reduce stress then, try following some simple steps such as:

  • Practicing yoga or meditation
  • Express gratitude to others
  • Smile when you see someone
  • Spend some time for introspection
  • Do jobs or other activities that you enjoy
  • Make plans to solve problems
  • Focus on your aims and avoid distractions
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Avoid people who cause stress in your life

Don’t panic if you have high blood pressure. Beyond medications, the above-mentioned steps can help you a lot in maintaining normal blood pressure. You should consult a cardiologist if you have any health issues or queries related to blood pressure.

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