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How to get periods early?
27 Jan 2022
How to get periods early? image

Is there anything worse than when you are all set to go for your favorite trip, and suddenly period arrives?

According to a woman, periods are harsh experiences sometimes. So, you may think like is there any way to get periods early. If so you can go on that trip, enjoy the party or your cousin’s marriage.

But understand that there are no guaranteed ways to make a period arrive early. 

However, you must have seen many methods on the internet to make this happen. But, Understand that these methods don’t hold any medical evidence.

But people can take control of periods using certain hormonal contraceptives.

In this blog post, we will discuss some scientific methods to induce periods early also some methods which are not scientific, but less risky.

Ideal methods to induce periods

The most appropriate method for changing a menstrual cycle is by using hormonal birth control. Even though, methods like diet, exercise, and stress reduction may also help.

We can’t ever induce the first period. It should happen naturally.

The average age of the first period is usually between 12 to 13. 

Here, we are discussing some of the methods that may help to induce a period in someone who already has a menstrual cycle. 

1- Hormonal birth control

Using hormonal contraception, such as birth control pills or the ring, is the only authentic way to take control of the menstrual cycle.

Here is how it works:-

The pills you are taking contain both estrogen and progestin which are best to control periods. You have to take the pill for 21 days. Then stop taking them or take a dummy pill for seven days. 

2- Exercise

If you exercise regularly, it can lose the muscles and help a period comes faster. Also, be careful that extreme or vigorous exercise can lead to irregular or delayed periods. It is common among athletes. 

3- Orgasm

You will wonder how orgasm can help to get periods early.

The fact is, the combination of hormones produced during sexual activity and uterine contraction during orgasm may help to dilate the cervix.

4- Relaxation

If you are a highly stressed person, there is more chance you can have an irregular menstrual cycle. 

So, finding some time to relax is always good. It can help you to not only get periods early but also in many other ways. 

You can give a try to yoga, journaling, meditation, and find some time to hang out with friends.

5- Diet and weight

Having low weight, high weight, or sudden weight changes can also cause an irregular menstrual cycle.

Sometimes some specific foods can also affect your menstrual cycle. 

Now we are going to discuss some other methods as well.

How do you get my periods early naturally?

These are not scientifically proven, but these methods are safe and do not present any risks to you.


Pineapple is such a food that contains an enzyme called bromelain which can affect our estrogen and other hormones.

Apart from that, it also helps to reduce irregular periods. 

2- Vitamin C

Many people believe that eating large amounts of vitamin C can affect our estrogen and progesterone level, which can be the reason to induce periods early.

To have more vitamin C in the body, you can eat 

  • green leafy vegetables
  • citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits
  • cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli

3- Ginger

Maybe you have heard from your parents like including ginger in your food can help with uterine contractions. In fact, this is not proven by any scientific research. But you can give it a try.

4- Parsley

Parsley contains a high level of vitamin C which can help with uterine contraction. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t try this if you are pregnant or a woman having kidney problems. 

To make this, pour a cup of boiling water over a couple of tablespoons of fresh parsley and keep it in that state for five minutes before drinking.

5- Turmeric

It is similar to ginger means it has the same way as a traditional remedy. Many people believe these can affect estrogen and progesterone level. 

There is no specific way to introduce turmeric into your diet. You can include it in curries, rice, or vegetable dishes.

6- Black cohosh

It is an herbal supplement that can help you with your menstrual cycle. It can help you with the tone of the uterus and promote the shedding of the uterine lining. 

But if you are a woman having blood pressure, heart medication, or liver problem, it might not be for you. 

How can I get periods immediately in one hour at home?

The first thing you have to understand, it is impossible to get periods in just one hour. Even though, you can try the methods mentioned here.

1- Eat papaya

It is a traditional remedy used to regulate period cycles. It helps uterus contraction because it is rich in carotene, it promotes estrogen production. 

2- Have parsley

As we mentioned earlier, parsley helps with your uterine contraction. 

3- Eat coriander seeds

It also helps with uterus contraction, add coriander seeds to boiling water, and let the seeds dissolve and mix with water and drink to get periods faster.

Which exercise to get periods immediately?

Squat Jumps: 

Both squats and squat jumps are effective for your periods. However, jumping squats put additional pressure on your abdomen resulting in you getting your periods faster. 

Standing Twists:

Standing twists stimulate the pelvic muscles to break free and help you get your periods faster.

Are you concerned about your menstrual cycle? If you have any kind of worries, now you can make appointments online with gynecologists using ShopDoc.

Also, contact us on 1800 889 2559 for any help. Happy to help you always!

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