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How to control pandemic weight gain
18 Mar 2022
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COVID-19 what’s the time which taught many things and had even impacted our lifestyle. It made many changes and even we got used to many new practices. Moreover, our physical relationship with society was curtailed and we all got used to the online mode.

Even our work, classes, and events were online which was a new thing at the beginning but now it’s all common for us. In addition to that this pandemic had also impacted us physically as well as mentally. Weight gain was one of them. Since most of us were not physically active we all started gaining weight. 

An increase in stress and a decrease in the routine of doing physical activities made us idle. In this article, we are going to see how we can control a stop gaining weight, especially during this pandemic time. 

What makes you gain weight fast?

Before understanding the process of gaining weight during the pandemic, it is very important to understand the metabolic process that happens in our body. As we all know our body converts the calories in food into energy. 

  • If we eat more calories than the energy that we burn daily, we can get obese
  • You will lose weight if you consume fewer calories than the calories that you burn daily
  • If calorie consumption is the same as that of the energy that you burn then you will maintain the same weight

But don’t worry about your calorie intake. Being healthy not always means you have to consume the right calories in the right quantity. You just need to maintain a balance. 

How does COVID-19 changed our activities?

As we have already mentioned covid-19 had in back to our lifestyle in various ways. Some of them are : 

  • We started eating more snacks as most of us spend our time at our home.
  • People started using more online food delivery apps.
  • Stress and anxiety had increased stress eating and disordered eating.
  • Due to the pandemic, many gyms have closed and it had led to physical inactivity.

How to lose pandemic weight effectively

You should start now if you think you are unfit. The gym may not be open. But there are many alternatives that you can start to get fit. Let us now discuss some of the useful methods that you adopt to lose weight effectively.

Track your calorie intake

Always take care to eat food that has enough amount of calories. While at home we tend to eat snacks but you should control your cravings. 

There are many websites and apps available to control your calorie intake and prepare your food chart. Still, you are confused with calorie intake then you should consider consulting a dietitian as soon as possible

One important and effective way to consume healthy food is to prepare them in advance. By doing so you don’t need to rush. You can prepare a timetable and hence prepare food accordingly that are having enough calories for your body to function properly.

Fitness bands can help you

Nowadays fitness bands and fitness watches are very common. They are even affordable too. You can use a fitness band or a fitness watch to track your calorie intake. 

They also help you to understand your physical activities and change your schedule accordingly. They may not always be accurate. But they can give a basic idea of your physical health.

Burn more calories than you eat

We have already mentioned burning more calories than you eat can reduce your body weight and keep you fit. This cannot always happen properly. But try your best to burn more calories through exercise and physical activities and schedule your diet plans accordingly. 

How to stay motivated for weight loss?

We all have seen ourselves or our friends going to the gym for the first few months and then dropping it. This is because at first they were motivated but then the level of motivation decreased.

This can happen in every case. Especially during the pandemic time. Believe in yourself and stay motivated. You can take help as well as advice from professional health experts to stay motivated and achieve your goal. 

Avoid temptation and practice mindfulness as long as you complete your target. If you have trouble achieving your weight loss goals you can always seek support such as therapy or surgery. For more help and support contact us on 1800 889 2559.

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