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How has the year 2020 been good?
30 Oct 2021
How has the year 2020 been good? image

A year that has already been carved in the history of our coming generations. A word whose meaning remained unrevealed to most of the population. The rampant event that made every single mortal being walking on any side of the 5th largest planet and the so-called the only life-sustaining planet come on their toes.

To save them from something which for the first time united the whole world. And reminded the whole world that they are the same homo sapiens just living on different sides of the world. Just politically and physically separated. Otherwise the same beings with the same traits, emotions, vulnerabilities and going through the same thing, acting as a gentle reminder to everyone that the whole world is one family. 

What does the word Pandemic mean?

Originating from the greek the word ‘Pandemos’ pan meaning ‘all’, demos meaning ‘people’, was present in the dictionaries since the 17th century. It always makes itself prevalent from time to time and yet again in 2020. 

Our time stopped for a while which otherwise was impossible.

Isn’t it hard to believe that one virus, coronavirus can shut the whole of mankind down and force everything to be closed. And also will constraint the man in four walls. When we are the race of unstoppable and hence nature keeps on reminding us.

By the unpredictable kinks on our ways which we even while using our full potential cant get rid of from our way. So we here need to stop for a while and reflect on the time and need to decide that what can be controlled even in the time of turmoil. 

Learned new skills and discovered new passions.

Everybody across the globe had their battles to grow from. People have been surprising their selves by discovering new things about themselves. It was all over social media. We all saw that majority of people started to cook by themselves even those who did not even look for food for their own selves.

People who never went for a walk had now started to do lunges on their own lawn. Instead of seeing cars polluting on the road, you now saw calories being burned by cycles down the road.

More people discovering and coming up with their new passions were hitting everyone like a thunderbolt. Everyone, not even the privileged ones could use their power and step out of the four walls. Once for all everyone was on the same page.

This pandemic has no doubt put us down the hill. It is now going to take time to get back to what we were before. But on the other side, it has also pushed us further in a lot of ways. Online classes, courses, and even work from home which was all a rare thing before got escalated so much because of the pandemic. 

Less was more for us.

We are all distracted by superficiality. Everyone needed some time to sit with their own selves and decide what they actually wanted for themselves. This pandemic forced us to sit with our long-lost families. This made us realize that this world had just consumed us alive separating us from what is and will always be our life. As Joshua Becker says “ If buying stuff hasn’t made you happy, maybe getting rid of it will.” 

Nature needed it. 

This pandemic healed our nature. The researchers were on the lookout for an answer for preventing pollution and saving nature. With the closure of the whole world, wild animals started to come out to the roads. Even the busiest cities like Delhi with the highest pollution showed clean air. The air quality drastically improved. Even the ozone layer started to make the moves. We just by sitting in our homes could breathe a new form of ambiance in the rooms and even outside. 

Learned to live only on survival needs.

We all needed this break to realize that everything is temporary around us. Our survival needs are way too little compared to how much we have been consuming all our lives. But most importantly what we need to learn here is to know that we would not always have power over what is happening around us.

What we do can change what is happening around us. The only thing we exert real power is over us alone. If we know how to manage and balance it, not even the perfect storm will be able to shake you from your ground. 

Nature needed this break. To heal, although it took a lot of lives away from us. But haven’t we humans have been taking the rooted lives away ever since we have come their way? 

RAVNEET KAHLON  Counselling Psychologist

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