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Tricks to stop scratching if you have eczema
15 Mar 2022
Tricks to stop scratching if you have eczema image

Eczema is a medical condition in which your tissue becomes rough and inflamed, causing severe itching and bleeding. According to statistics, over 20% of children and up to 3% of the adult population globally suffer from some kind of eczema.

Unless you have eczema, you don’t understand how difficult it can be to resist the urge to scratch.

 The skin disorder results in dry, scaly, rashy skin that is extremely itchy. Eczema can be so painful that some sufferers unknowingly scratch in their sleep or itch themselves until they bleed. Fortunately, there are expert-approved methods to stop scratching if you have eczema.

Moisturise your skin twice a day

Apply moisturizers all over your skin after a bath. Particular attention should be paid to your legs, arms, back, and sides of the body. Consider using oil or lubricating cream if your skin is already dry.

Ice your skin

Applying cool and wet compresses to your skin, a cold sensation on the skin can soothe the itch.

Avoid skin irritants

Nobody likes to come into contact with products that aggravate their eczema. Avoid extreme temperatures, scratchy clothing like wool, allergens like dust or pet dander, and scented skincare and detergents.

Avoid mental stress

Some people’s eczema symptoms can be aggravated by stress and anxiety. Try practices like

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Sleep
  • Exercises

Studies have shown these can lower your stress levels and keep you mentally and physically active.

Take bleach bath

A diluted-bleach bath reduces bacteria on the body and diseases associated with them. Fill a 151-liter bathtub fully with warm water and 1/2 cup household bleach (not strong bleach).

 Soak for 10 minutes from the shoulders down or simply the afflicted areas of the skin. Take a bleach bath two or three times per week.

Cover the itch area

If you can’t stop yourself from scratching the itchy region, cover it. At night put on gloves.

Wear smooth-textured cotton clothing

Avoid clothing that is rough, tight, scratchy, or made of wool to reduce irritation. Also, to avoid excessive sweat in hot climates or during exercise, dress appropriately.

Take an oral allergy or anti-itch medication

Antihistamines like cetirizine, fexofenadine, and diphenhydramine are non-prescription allergy medicines and can help to prevent severe itching.

Use a humidifier

Indoor air that is too hot and dry can dry up sensitive skin, causing irritation and flaking. Use a portable humidifier to avoid that. To avoid the formation of germs and fungi, keep your humidifier clean.

How do I stop scratching my eczema at night?

Most of the “scratching” happens at night involuntarily when you are asleep. So when you wake up in the morning your infected areas would have become more sore and inflamed due to the scratching overnight. How to deal with it? 

There are a few tricks that skin specialists recommend their patients follow to prevent scratching their eczema at night. They are:

  • Take a Bath at night
  • Moisturise your skin before bed. 
  • Take antihistamine.
  • Use an oil-based moisturiser or a medicated cream before bedtime.
  • Avoid irritants like harsh fabrics
  • Avoid the use of allergens before bed.
  • Wear gloves to bed.
  • Trim your nails before bed

If you think you have the condition of eczema and have a hard time on the pitch, get assistance and consult a doctor as soon as possible. Some rashes can be due to underlying conditions early diagnosing can get you adequate treatments.

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