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How can I relax?
23 Feb 2022
How can I relax? image

You are late to work, your car has a sudden breakdown and you have a presentation to do at work. No matter how “Gandhian” you may be, you are going to stress out but what if we say there are a few tricks to keep your nerves calm even in such moments?

 Relaxing can help you keep your body and mind healthy by allowing you to recover from the pressures of daily life. Fortunately, regardless of how busy you are, it is simple to learn how to make time for relaxation.

There are various techniques to relax. Some methods are intended to calm your mind, while others are supposed to relax your body. However, because of the way the mind and body are linked, many relaxation treatments work on both the mind and the body.

Easy ways to relax

  1. Have green tea

Green tea contains L-Theanine, a substance that can aid in the reduction of the body’s stress. In addition, the view of green tea in a cup itself is a visual treat and that can calm you too.

  1. Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are one of the most basic techniques and can relax you instantly, and they may easily calm your stressed-out body and mind at any time and in any place. Sit or lie down in a calm and comfortable area, such as your bed or the floor of your home.

Place one hand on your stomach, breathe in slowly to a count of three, then out slowly to the same count of three. Feel your belly rise and fall as you inhale and exhale. Repeat five times more, or as many times whenever you need to feel relaxed.

  1. Meditation 

Try meditation or find time to practice yoga. It can be very relaxing and helpful for your body as well as your mind. Studies have found that meditation is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress.

  1. Close your eyes 

A little shut-eye might let you block out the external causes that are causing you stress. When you open your eyes, ready to face the world again, stressors may appear in a better perspective.

  1. Creative visualisation

Just close your eyes and start visualizing someplace you want to be or your happy place. The approach is mentally imagining whatever you want to happen or how you want to feel in your life. It can quickly ease your stress.

  1. Try acupressure 

Acupressure stimulates the body’s natural healing processes. Find the two studs where your neck muscles connect to your skull with your fingertips. To ease neck stress, press firmly for 15 seconds.

  1. Try connecting to your nature

When you’re stressed, spending just a few minutes in nature can help you relax. Take a step outside and go for a brief walk or simply relax in nature when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Experts also claim that even just looking at an image of nature for a few minutes can calm your nerves when you are stressed. Connecting to nature is another simple technique to get rid of your annoying stress.

  1. Be alone for sometime

Get some alone time, take care of yourself. You can take a few hours or a day out of your life and abandon commitments that cause stress every once in a while.

  1. Listen to music

Listening to the tunes of your interest does the trick. Listening to music is one kind of medication and it usually shows the results.

How can I relax myself instantly?

Free your mind to relax instantly, it also reduces and prevents chances of stress. When your mind is kept free from overthinking and unwanted thoughts there is no space for stress to work.

Also, try to occupy yourself with things you love. A few common tricks mental experts often recommend are:

  1. Practice to forgive
  2. Meditate
  3. Start an exercise routine
  4. Letting go of the past
  5. Stop feeling guilty
  6. Smile and laugh more

If you have been going through a tough phase and none of those self-initiated remedies helps you, seek help from psychologists or mental health support experts and convey your problems to them.
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