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Let’s talk about Hepatitis B
14 Oct 2021
Let’s talk about Hepatitis B image

Hepatitis B is a serious health condition caused by the Hepatitis virus in the liver. Chronic hepatitis B can result in serious health conditions such as liver failure, cancer, or liver cirrhosis. Children and infants are more prone to Hepatitis B.

Hepatitis B can also affect adults. Sometimes it can lead to severe health issues and serious symptoms. But most adults recover fully from having hepatitis B even if their conditions were worse.

In this article, we are going to discuss almost everything associated with hepatitis B including, its causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention.

What are the different types of hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is mainly classified as acute and chronic

1. Acute

Acute hepatitis B happens at the beginning of the infection. Most people who had suffered from acute hepatitis B were able to recover fully. According to studies, almost about 80% of people came back to normal life after proper treatment of acute hepatitis B.

3. Chronic 

If you are possessing hepatitis B for more than six months then, you are having chronic hepatitis B. Chronic hepatitis B can have a more serious effect on people than acute conditions.

What are the symptoms of hepatitis B?

Symptoms associated with hepatitis B varies from person to person. Usually, symptoms are shown by a person after one to four months after he/she is affected by hepatitis B. Sometimes children possessing hepatitis B will not show any symptoms

Most common symptoms related to hepatitis B include:

  1. Fever
  2. Abdominal pain
  3. Discoloration in urine (dark-colored)
  4. Joint pain
  5. Nausea
  6. Vomiting
  7. Tiredness
  8. Jaundice
  9. Fever
  10. Loose stool
  11. Constipation

You should immediately consult a doctor if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms associated with hepatitis B. Treatment taken at the early stage can reduce the chances of risks associated with the condition.

What is the main cause of hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B can occur due to a variety of reasons. The most common among them include the following such as:

1. Sexual contact

Hepatitis B can spread if you have unprotected sex with an infected person. Hepatitis virus can enter your body through blood, saliva, semen, or vaginal secretions and can result in Hepatitis B.

2. Unsafe injections

The most common way by which hepatitis B spread is through the multiple usages of needles for injection. An injection or needle which is reused on more than one person can cause hepatitis B.

3. Mother to child

Pregnant mothers who are infected by hepatitis B can pass them to their newborn children. However, giving proper vaccination to the child can prevent further risks associated with the disease.

Hepatitis B cannot transfer through:

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Breastfeeding
  • Hugging
  • Shaking hands

How can we diagnose hepatitis B symptoms?

When you consult your health expert, they will perform a few methods or tests to diagnose your condition. The major methods used to find the presence of infection is:

1. Blood test symptoms

Your health expert suggests a blood test to observe your body,s reaction to viruses. It also helps to confirm how your immune system handles the condition. A blood test indicates that if you are having acute or chronic hepatitis B.

2. Liver biopsy

During a liver biopsy, your expert removes a small sample of your liver and tests them for diagnosing the presence of hepatitis B. In this procedure, a thin needle is injected into the liver through the skin and removes a small tissue for analysis.

3. Abdominal ultrasound

An abdominal ultrasound is used to analyze your liver. During an abdominal ultrasound, an ultrasound wave is allowed to pass through the body. This ultrasound wave gives the doctor a clear picture of the blood flowing through the liver.

Is there any cure for hepatitis B?

Till date, there is no successful method for the complete cure of hepatitis B. But with proper management, people who are having hepatitis B can lead a normal life. Avoiding alcohol consumption and tobacco usage can help a person to lead a healthy life.

The major treatment steps followed by your doctor are:

1. Acute

There is no specific treatment for hepatitis B. Your health expert will advise you to lead a healthy life by taking sufficient rest, drinking plenty of fluids, and consume a healthy diet for the body to fight the illness

2. Chronic 

If you are diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B then, your doctor will advise you to take medication. Mediations will help to prevent issues associated with the liver such as swelling and liver damage.

How can we prevent hepatitis B?

There are a few steps that we could adopt to prevent hepatitis B. Some of them are:

  1. Avoid contact with blood or other body fluids
  2. Cover all wounds properly
  3. Avoid sharing toothbrushes, razors, and earrings 
  4. Avoid the usage of drugs
  5. Ensure that sterile needles are used

Hepatitis B is a serious issue to consider. If you suspect any symptoms associated with hepatitis B, then you should immediately consult a hepatologist. Diagnosis and treatment in the early stage can help to avoid further complications.

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