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Healthy Diet? Eat more greens? I don’t cry MOO…
18 Jan 2022
Healthy Diet? Eat more greens? I don’t cry MOO… image

Looking for a body transformation and don’t want that yummy cheeseburger to slip away from your cravings list? Let us help you. Life is meant to be something joyful but where is that joy without your favourite Pizzas, burgers and spaghetti.

That’s why we need a certified Dietician by our side. We always need a second opinion from our buddies on our next major decisions but let us agree we don’t always get that when it comes to eating healthy.

So what about a professional Dietician buddy who lets you eat your favourite items in the right quantity. He will back you the next time you crave a cheeseburger and never leave you to bother on your excess calories.

Who is a Dietician anyway?

A dietician is never that family doctor guy whom you always despised from your very childhood. He is the friend who keeps track of your eating habits and helps you to arrange them effectively. He/She knows your weak foot and power foot at the same time and let you score that angle zero goal.

Can just dieting make me in the shape of my dreams ?

Changes are never overnight but consistency is the key factor. Every action you take casts a vote on the person you want to be, so every single step counts. Diet is going to make you in the shape that you always wanted to be and you will need a push for it. That is why we are here, we got your back. 

The so-called “ideal shape” varies from person to person. Every individual has different ideas on being in good shape that is mentally and physically.

We find it very difficult to stick to a healthy diet plan only when it is very strict and there is no space for flexible diet planning methods but what if it’s on your terms? Here we value your favourite food while the dieting process actively functions.

What is FFounders Fitness Clinic and how can it help you through the process?

FFounder fitness clinic is a virtual fitness platform for business owners, startup founders, creative people and others where we provide customised diet plans and fitness sessions with utmost efficiency.


If you are a startup owner or Business professional, time is one of the most important items that you will never get enough of. Each and every minute in a professional’s life is priceless. In a long term scenario, one can never be as productive as he/she used to be when they were physically and mentally fit. There will never be space for creativity and flexibility in their works. It’s true that most of the time we don’t get time to nurture ourselves. It’s all according to customised plans that are set up compatible with personal working conditions and behaviours. That is our vision on FFounders.

  • Completely digital
  • Less time consuming
  • Very flexible in nature
  • Personally customised packages.
  • Adaptable in nature
  • Most importantly, it is easily accessible.

Now where do I start?

Never start dieting on your own that can take a U-turn and adversely affect your health. Start with proper guidance from professionals. Talk to our professionals and get proper awareness on do’s and don’ts in the process. Our body is our home and we live in it. It should be neat and tidy as we take care of our own home. Remember people of different shapes. All shapes are good as long as the person who lives in them is confident.

 No shape is better than the other and each among us is unique.

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