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Dear, it’s just a matter of days!
15 Jan 2022
Dear, it’s just a matter of days! image

Recently, I’ve been in a weird phase of my life. It may sound boring but that’s not the point here. I thought of sharing how I’ve been through it just in case someone else is in this battle right now, I am letting you know that “dear, it’s just a matter of days!”. I’ve heard about people being depressed or depression-caused suicides before. Also, talk to a psychologist or consult a psychiatrist for advice. It always gave me a second thought. What’s there to be so dramatic, being sad for no reason are common and sometimes it does help you to be a better version of yourself. Trust me, maybe I’ll be the only person on the earth who goes through random mood swings every other day. Now, where did I stop? Ahhh depression. I realized it’s not as silly as I thought. Not at all. 

The days when you question your existence, the purpose of your living. Where nothing seems wrong or feels right either. You feel different kinds of pain in your abdomen and then straight to the corner of your heart. A heavy feeling, to be frank, a bulk of bricks dropped on your chest kind of feeling. How would it feel? Also for no reason? You would ask why the sky is blue and why can’t it be green. You would even feel to shape the round earth into a pentagon. Believe me, I am not exaggerating. You would get bothered by every little thing and that’s not normal. Not at all. It’s not because you are all alone or you are crowded somewhere. It’s not about you being weak inside or you are not strong enough. This is a phase anyone with a heart can experience. And anyone with the heart can deal with it. No matter if you have four people around, or you have that one person worth of all. It’s the battle between you and yourself. 

A battle you should strive hard to win! And the loser is the one who gives up, the one who thinks quitting life is the only solution. I sincerely wish may none of you go through this phase of life or if you are in it now, take your time. It’s not rocket science. Let your tears out and cry until your stomach hurts. If you won’t, who else will? Either way, talk it out to someone who cares. Yeah! you can get through this too. Nothing on the earth can let you down. And if you are the one who comes across, I am letting you know, you deserve the applause of seven skies. May you live happily forever.

Ameena wafa, GFHSS Cheruvathur

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