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Confused about your career? Things that you need to know
16 Nov 2021
Confused about your career? Things that you need to know image

Table of Contents

How does work influence life?
Why is choosing the right career the most important thing in life?
Why does everyone not succeed in their field of interest?
Career reports

We all at some point in our life will be stressed out about our future. Our parents start thinking about it for us from a very young age. Be it at eighth standard or your masters. We are always in this turmoil about what to do next. 

And questions like, What is best for us? There will be times when you see everybody around you moving ahead in life. They all are completely focused and know what to do. And here we are, unaware of what to do next.

But that is alright. You are now just at the right place for it. Just like your unique fingerprints and eyes, your journey to your career would be distinctive. Some of us would be early and some late. It just doesn’t matter. Because what truly matters is you being on the right path, your own tailored path that was made for you alone. 

How does work influence life?

Well, one thing I want to tell you is that suppose when you start working at the age of 25 (it can be early or late, which is also perfectly fine), you’ll be working for an 8-hour job. If you start your own business then probably way more than that. So from 24 hours in a day, 8-9 hours we have to sleep.

So that means we have 15 hours to ourselves in the day. Out of which 9 hours we are working. And in the left hours, we have tons of other tasks to do. Like eating, Bathing, getting dressed, going to the office, etc. So how much time is left for yourself? Barely 1-2 hours.

Your maximum amount of time in your day is spent on your work. So if your work does not make you happy, you will never be happy in your life. NEVER. And imagine if you are spending most of your hours during the day doing things that you love. Work that doesn’t even seem like work. It should be something you love. 

Why is choosing the right career the most important thing in life?




This is why choosing a career that you love is so important. And for that, as mentioned above, we have to work on it from an early stage. One thing I tell everybody is that whatever you choose to build in your life, your foundation should be strong. So the same goes for us. 

We know the amount of competition that prevails in the world. If we aren’t on top of the list, we wouldn’t be able to achieve it. We have to stand out. And for that, our foundation of education needs to be strong. This is why choosing the right subjects, the right school/ colleges, and the right teachers is so important for us.

We should never dismiss this in our lives. As parents also, we should feel responsible for our children and guide them with the best. Mainly to bring them more clarity and coherence about what they like and how it can be transformed into a career.

So choosing the right career decision and making a smart decision keeping every statistic in mind is extremely important. As when we choose one career, it is just the beginning of everything. There are going to be so many things later in your life like promotion, standing out, being efficient, and scope of growth.

We are humans so we always learn more and more. It is a never-ending loop. So whatever decision you make, it should add more light to your life and more zeal. Rather than draining your energy out. Choose it wisely. 

Why does everyone not succeed in their field of interest?

A person just can’t go and choose a career and expect to succeed suddenly. We often see only a few exceeding in a certain field. That is because every field of work requires a certain aptitude and a certain understanding of what skill sets are required for a certain type of job.

Sometimes our interest doesn’t match with our skills set and vice versa. So knowing the inborn capabilities that you have within yourself is the key. In whichever field you decide to work in, there is going to be stress, overworking, exhaustion, and loss of motivation at some point or other. This is another reason why people tend not to succeed in their field. Because it is easy to get started in something but to retain it becomes difficult. And your consistency would later lead to success. So even before we get into a certain field, we should know if we can retain the pressures. 

Your career should always be in alignment with what you truly are and inhibit. If someone has a very high aptitude for being a doctor but gets into business instead. He would not be as successful in any other field as in the medical field. 

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. “ – Albert Einstein. 

Career reports

Career reports are one way of doing them. Above all, in these career reports, you get to know the skills you inhibit and the areas of improvement for your career advancement. You get to know your aptitudes, core potentials, recommended subjects, study habits, and also personalized career guidance.

It is designed to enhance your knowledge about the career that would suit you best. So if you feel confused about which course to choose or which subjects to choose. In addition, to know more about the best study habits for your children. It optimizes your framework to choose a specialization for you.



Career foundation factors

  • Core potential 
  • Study habits 
  • Relation adjustments 

10th std 

Stream Locator 

  • Recommended stream with subject group 
  • Aspiration fitment analysis
  • Core potential areas and improvement areas 
  • Study habit improvements 
  • Personalized career guidance 

11th/12th std 

Career, Course & College Locator 

  • Aspiration fitment analysis 
  • Core potential & improvement areas 
  • Study habit improvements 
  • Personalized career guidance 


Career Path Locator PG/MBA/ JOB ENTRANCE

  • Recommended specialized career, course and college.
  • Aspiration fitment analysis 
  • Core potential areas and improvement areas. 
  • Job skill requirement 
  • Personalized career guidance


Career switch or enhancement

  • Potential & personality analysis 
  • Strength & improvement areas 
  • Sector fitment 
  • Profile fitment 
  • Personalized career guidance for career switch/advancement

These career reports are available on ShopDoc with our Mental Health Practitioners who specialize as career coaches as well. Duo combination in one.

In conclusion, the only thing stopping you from optimizing yourself to the fullest is your own self. No one else. When we know there is someone in our life hindering us from growth. What do we do? We will distance ourselves from them. But what if that person is you. Then what do you do? 

Seek help or Just talk to a professional. 

RAVNEET KAHLON  Counselling Psychologist

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