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Digital technology and wellness
15 Jan 2022
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The world is pacing at a rate like never before. Technology has become an inevitable part of life. With the advent of the global pandemic, technology had further fortified its throne and the world realized that there would be no life without technology. It connected people across the globe, changing the face of education, business, healthcare, payments, financials, and everything through ideas and constant innovation.

This penetration of technology into all aspects of our life has flip sides as well. Technology is never bad. It’s an enabler. How we use it makes it good or bad. While conscious and balanced use of technology can help us track our health numbers and help choose healthy practices, unconscious and overuse of it can drain us completely of our vitality and productivity.

We live in an era, where every click we make on the internet has the potential to bring money to someone, and platforms are pretty much designed to improve customer engagements. Because the audience comprises all segments, the fine line between good and bad is almost vanishing.

But at the same time, it is very important to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Now let us see some ways that will keep you fit.

One task! One hour! One mind!

Life is not one thing. It is a million little things. Everyone might have a fatty to-do list, yet end up not able to strike out anything from the list. This happens due to preoccupation. The thought that “a lot to do”, itself can drain the energy and enthusiasm. Being mindful helps you to bring your best into whatever you do. Different techniques are there to teach discipline to the monkey mind.

Try each one and find what really works for you. One such technique is “One task! One hour! One mind! Here your main goal is divided into a small task that can be completed in an hour. In that one hour promise yourself not to diverge your mind to anything else. It can work miracles. Rush at the eleventh hour is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Be grateful and happy

All are blessed in some way or another. Problems arise when we initiate comparisons. Be happy and grateful for your strength and politely acknowledge your weakness and work for improvement. Mind is like a magnet. Like poles attract. It attracts good things only when you feed it with good thoughts. Divert your mind into something positive when you catch it drifting into negative thoughts.

Take time to know yourself an be grateful to yourself

Self-discipline is the highest form of self-love. Take your time to understand yourself. Write down things that keep you happy and content, your needs, and how you plan to meet them. Mental clarity would really help in balancing things.

You are not responsible for what others think

“What do people say?’ This phrase has killed the dreams of many. You are only responsible for your words and deeds, not for what others craft in their mind. Unfortunately, people don’t understand this. Beautiful minds will always encourage, provide insights and bring meaning to life. Surrounding yourself with a supportive community can help you a lot to ease out the traumas and find solutions to your problems.

Keep learning

It’s not about the majors or minors in school and college. It’s about everyday learning right from the moment you wake up to the moment you doze off. Being a good observer can help you a lot in understanding people and things around you. No one is too dumb to teach you something and No one is too intellectual to not learn anything.

Breathe and stretch your way

Exercise is another element for a healthy body and mind. It doesn’t mean you hit the gym and do heavy exercises. It’s more about personal preference; find your own way of moving your body to stay fit. It can be a sport you love, swimming, dancing, whatever. Make sure your body gets enough moves it needs.

Know your health numbers

Healthcare apps help you to track your health details, medicine reminders, consultations, predictions, etc. With AI and inbuilt analytics, these apps can remember and provide insights about your well-being and thereby help you track and focus on important issues regarding your health. Having a basic awareness of your body and mind is necessary to stay healthy.

Keep in touch with communities that help you grow

Your environment has a major role in molding your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Make sure you keep in touch with people who help you grow. Practice compassion and respect boundaries. Being social beings, humans have a responsibility to build and nurture communities that support a positive atmosphere and thereby produce a socially responsible generation. Feel free to exit from places that drain you of your vitality.

Sleep solves everything

An active mind needs proper sleep. Schedule a proper bedtime and keep all sorts of electronic gadgets away while you sleep. Sleep is necessary to prepare you for all adventures that life has to offer.  Mental clarity, the ability to articulate thoughts, and a mind that breeds creativity are some of the side effects of good sleep.

Laughter is the best medicine

Laugh harder until your stomach hurts. We all know the story of Dr. Norman Cousins who overcame the deadly disease of degenerative collagen through laughter. Some medicines don’t use chemicals and are free too.

Feel the sunshine and be the sunshine

Sunlight is something that tropical people enjoy the most. Health benefits of exposure to morning and evening sunshine can keep you warm and healthy.

Conscious eating

Be conscious of what you let in. Know the good and bad of the food you consume. Healthy eating habits always help to keep medicines away. If you don’t take food as medicine, then you might have to take medicine as food. Eat the right food, in the right quantity and at proper intervals. Day by day nothing appears changing, but when you look back on the years that passed; everything was nothing but the sum of your everyday habits.

Technology has grown to a point where we have no idea what will happen next hour. There are a lot of cons associated with this fast technological revolution. But the best part is we still have control in our hands.

To prioritize and practice what’s healthy and leave behind what’s deteriorating us. Take charge and be accountable for your own health. Everything comes with a hidden cost. Be mindful of what’s really helping you grow. End of the day, it’s all about the choices you make, that counts.

It is always important to remember that mental health is also important as physical health. Use technology to be healthy and happy. Consult medical experts at regular intervals to ensure you are both mentally and physically fit.

-Neha Sabu

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