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Can precum cause pregnancy?
19 Feb 2022
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Precum is a fluid that mostly acts as a lubricant. But it can also carry sperm from the penis to the vagina. It is possible that you can get pregnant from precum. Most of the time, the case associated with precum pregnancy is non-voluntary as a person cannot stop or control it. Moreover, when precum enters the device most people did not even notice it. Also, a study had found that 16.7 percent of healthy meals had motile sperm in their precum.

As we all know pregnancy is most likely to occur if a person:

  1. Is going through the time of ovulation
  2. Is not using effective birth control or birth prevention methods
  3. Uses a birth control method imperfectly

What are the odds of getting pregnant from precum?

It is very rare to get pregnant from precum. Study shows that 4 in every hundred people will get pregnant it may get pregnant from precum. The following instances illustrate how likely you can get pregnant due to precum in different situations.

During ovulation

Male sperm can survive about 5 days in a female reproductive organ. Whereas the time of an egg is about 24 hours after ovulation. It can cause pregnancy but the chances of getting pregnant are reduced over time.

On periods

As we all know the chances of becoming pregnant during the menstrual cycle are very low. But a person can get pregnant if exposed to sperms. So using birth control methods is the best effective method to reduce the risk of getting pregnant from precum.

While using a condom

We cannot rely fully on male condoms. There is a chance of 18% even if you use a condom. Moreover, the chance of getting pregnant can increase if you start using a condom after sexual contact starts.

After vasectomy

The rate of getting pregnant from precum after a vasectomy is very low. During the first year of getting a vasectomy, the rate of pregnancy is very less than 1%. But the chances of getting pregnant can increase in the coming weeks. 

After giving birth

The chances of pregnancy due to precum in people is as low as 2%. But sometimes pregnancy can occur during the time of ovulation and it becomes heart to know if ovulation can have pain after childbirth as it happens before the first period. 

How successful is the pull-out method?

As compared to other birth prevention or birth control methods the pullout method is not effective. Research and studies show there is a failure rate of 22% in the pullout method. But many people rely on the pullout method. This can be due to the following reasons such as 

  1. Does not cause any hormonal changes
  2. It is one of the easiest methods
  3. Requires no preparation
  4. No prescription or doctor consultation is needed

Even though no birth control method is perfect, the pullout method has a higher risk of getting pregnant. The pregnancy rate is much slower when people use birth control methods correctly. 

Things to remember during the pullout method

There are some important things that you should keep in mind before trying the pull out method. These include the following:

  1. It cannot be easy and hence it’s requested to practice with a condom
  2. Sometimes a person becomes unable to control while they ejaculate
  3. There are cases where people do not even know when they ejaculate
  4. The pull out method does not prevail sexually transmitted diseases
  5. It is very important to have emergency contraceptives

Communication is the key to sex. If you are not confident in this method, you should let your partner know. So that they can use another type of contraceptive measures. 

Some people use condoms along with pull out methods. This can help to prevent sperms from entering the vagina including the sperms on the precum. 

Is plan B more effective than condoms?

Plan B is a drug that prevents pregnancy. They prevent pregnancy by delaying or violation or by preventing fertilization. Plan B is also called the morning pill. 

It is safe for emergency use but it’s not sure how safe they are if used regularly. A person may take plan B or other emergency contraception methods if 

  1. They think that the precum has entered the vagina
  2. The condom has slipped or broken during sex
  3. They forgot to take the birth control pill

As we already mentioned precum contains sperms that have the potential to get you pregnant. No prevention method is entirely effective, but having emergency contraceptives in need is a good idea to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Moreover, contraceptive methods can also prevent many sexually transmitted diseases too. Consult a gynecologist to know more. For more help and support contact us on 1800 889 2559.

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