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Shh! We are going to speak about sex education
16 Oct 2021
Shh! We are going to speak about sex education image

Many of us experienced an education where our biology teacher skipped the chapter ‘Reproduction in humans’. We are living in a country where people are ashamed when talking about sex whereas the number of rape cases happening each day is growing.

Most families in India don’t have a clear answer when their children ask “How babies are born?”. Why are you ashamed? Lack of sex education can lead to many relationships and social problems including the boom of rape cases.

It’s high time that our educational system needs a change. We need a society where children and parents can speak openly, clear their doubts, and not be ashamed when speaking about sexuality. In this article, we will discuss all that you need to know about sex ed.

What is sex education?

Sex education is nothing but simple guidance to people to gain information, skills, and motivation about sex and relationships. It is a high-quality educational method to learn about the values, correct wrong beliefs, and take care of one’s sexual health too.

Sex education usually has to take place at schools and at home. But in countries like India, proper sex education is not provided both at families or educational institutions. Proper sex education should comprise the following elements such as:

1. Human Development

Including reproduction, puberty, gender identity, and sexual orientation

2. Relationships

Including families, friends, dates, and romantic relationships

3. Individual skills

Including communication and decision-making skills

4. Sexual behavior

Including temperance and sexuality throughout life

5. Sexual health

Including sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, and pregnancy

What is the need for sex education?

There is a myth that sex education is only associated with sexual relationships. Sex education covers all topics including the safety of each individual. Every person from a very young age should know who can touch them.

We all know that puberty can bring a variety of changes in children physically and mentally. Sex ed prepares them how to handle these situations too. Everyone has the right to know about their body. But most people explore it through poor methods such as the internet.

Parents also have the responsibility of teaching a child about sex education. Many people think that sex education can increase the engagement of children in sex. But actually, it does the reverse. Sex education helps a person to figure out what is right and wrong too.

Here are some of the reasons why we need to have sex education in a country like India where the population is increasing day by day.

1. It provides safer options to teenagers

Unprotected sex among teenagers is one of the major factors for the transmission of many diseases. Also, it is a major factor in contributing to population growth in India. It is seen that students who are sexually aware take less chance of unprotected sex.

Sex education teaches students about the positive and negative impacts of sex, thus making it easier for them to take decisions. It also awards students about contraceptive methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Teenage pregnancies can be mentally shocking to most teenagers. Sex education plays an important role in making teenagers responsible when it comes to sexual behaviors too.

2. Develops values and respect

Saying ‘NO’ is sometimes very difficult. Yet it is very important when it comes to sex. Sex education helps to increase respect and highlights the value of consent among partners. Sex ed also helps to increase comprehensive understanding of bodies.

Also through sex education, students will learn about the changes, mental and physical struggles each one has to suffer. So this makes them more responsible citizens as they develop more values

3. Helps to adapt to changes

Many mental health issues have been found among teenagers when it comes to physical changes. Those unaware of body changes sometimes feel it is very annoying. Sex ed helps children to prepare themselves mentally and emotionally.

In some cases, it is very difficult for teenagers to get out of mental health issues. In such cases, you should immediately seek help from your health expert. Mental health programs like U OK? Is very effective for resolving such issues.

What is the best age for sex education?

There is no specific time to educate children about sexuality and changes occurring in his/her body. For example, some girls experience menstruation at a very early age like when they are nine years old.

Sex education should begin at home. It doesn’t mean that parents should know everything to clear the doubts of their children. To make them aware of the changes parents can seek help from medical health experts.

Children are very curious about everything. So when changes happen in his/her body, they clarify their doubts. But sometimes they can gather wrong information from different mediums. So it is the responsibility of parents to educate their children about sex too.

Moreover, having open communication in the family about sex can make children feel more secure. So they will have the confidence to discuss the physical, mental and emotional problems.

Sex education is a must in each individual’s life. The education system must teach students to deal with all kinds of problems. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Sexuality is part of human life. Giving proper advice can remove doubts, complexities and increase respect for one another.

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